NBA Trade Rumors:Kings GM Vlade Divac confirms trading DeMarcus Cousins ‘off the table’

By Nitha Paul | 2 years ago
NBA Trade Rumors:Kings GM Vlade Divac confirms trading DeMarcus Cousins ‘off the table’

The Sacramento Kings still are on the stand that they have no plans on trading DeMarcus Cousins for the current or upcoming seasons. Kings General Manager, Vlade Divac confirmed this week that Cousins are “off the table.” Although a few teams wanted Kings to trade DeMarcus Cousins, Kings would rather prefer to fire George Karl than trading Demarcus Cousins, despite the numerous NBA Trade Rumors.

Apparently, Kings will get no return if they decide to dump Karl, instead they have to pay him back. But, if they choose to trade Cousins, they could get some favorable outcome. At the same time, players like him are rare to come around, so they have plans to make him their centerpiece. DeMarcus Cousins is 25 year old pottential franchise player who is relatively on a reasonable contract until 2018. Then why would the Kings simply risk trading the best player of their roster? Instead they are trying hard to have a roster around Cousins.

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As per SIR CHARLES In Charge, things are getting better between DeMarcus Cousins and George Karl, so the ideal scenario will be to keep both of them in place. Kings have currently won four games out of five in the western Conference, but they are still on 141-279.

There are chances in future that the Kings might end up trading DeMarcus Cousins before the contract ends, but as of now they are attempting to give him full support to win, this season. There were speculations and rumors on Kings planning to trade off Cousins, but it’s clearly pointing out that, they don’t have any such plans in near future. After-all rumors are just part of large market poaching tactics.

But, the rumor had just shattered dreams of all other teams like Miami Heat, Boston Celtics and Chicago Bulls to land cousins at any point this season. According to NBC Sports, there were even rumors that Boston Celtics were willing to trade it’s strong players like David Lee and Jared Sullinger for DeMarcus Cousins. Stay tuned for more updates.

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