NBC Un-Cancels ‘Emerald City’

By April Lara | 3 years ago
NBC Un-Cancels ‘Emerald City’
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NBC has reopened its doors to one of the most famous fantasy worlds in history as it orders “Emerald City” to series again after being cancelled.

Back in August 2014, we had reported that NBC cancelled “Emerald City” because nobody could see eye to eye on the project. Now, the series is now on the go with a new writer on board.

Originally, the show was expected to be a 10-episode series by Matt Arnold and Josh Friedman who will both produce the show but things unexpectedly turn due to problems that have to do with perspective. It was expected that the show will air some time this year (2015) but since it was cancelled and it was only “revived” now, it looks like we’ll be seeing the show some time next year instead. However, no details have yet been disclosed on the production so much as the premiere of the show.

“Emerald City” provides a different world to the famous yellow brick road and the witch isn’t dead yet, but the show will provide a much darker perspective with bloody battles and deadly warriors. In Comic-Con 2014 in San Diego, the show was promoted as well as on the website of the network. As for Robert Greenblatt, NBC Chairman expressed his high hopes for the upcoming series during the winter TCA press 2014 and even dropped hints that the show may even go longer.

“’Emerald City’ could be over after 10 episodes, if we feel like we’ve plumbed the depth of what we want to do with that show. But given that there are a number of books to draw from, and a rich imagination of a writing staff, we could have ‘Emerald City’ on the air for five years,” Greenblatt said.

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