NBC’s Bill Cosby Series May Be In Jeopardy Following Allegations

By Rachel Cruz | 3 years ago
NBC’s Bill Cosby Series May Be In Jeopardy Following Allegations
Dr. William H. “Bill” Cosby speaks at Frederick Douglass High School during his visit to the school. Wikimedia Commons/Mr. Scott King

Back in August, we reported that NBC is planning on bringing back TV icon Bill Cosby in a new comedy series. But recent events in relation to the rape allegations that have surfaced against the veteran comedian has gotten tongues wagging. Will NBC push through with the project? Read on for further details.

According to a report from Deadline, the status of the new and still-untitled Bill Cosby family comedy remains in development. NBC is planning on putting this for its summer 2015 schedule, if not in the coveted fall schedule, despite the rape allegations that have been cropping up.

These allegations are not new.  In 2005, Cosby, 77, was a defendant in a lawsuit that was apparently settled out of court. But stories about the rape emerged on social media when Hannibal Buress, a stand-up comedian, had a bit about Cosby being a sexual predator and a serial rapist. That bit went viral last October and was followed by a piece written by one of Cosby’s alleged victim on Washington Post, pointing to the comedian as her attacker.

Just last week, Cosby was engaging followers on Twitter asking them to create a meme about him, and many submitted content that implied on the rape allegations. Hollywood experts called this incident a PR nightmare, as reported on The Wrap.

Another victim came forward on social media only this Sunday, Nov. 16, 2014. Joan Tarshis was apparently raped by Cosby in 1969 and has appeared on CNN to talk about her story.

Following this latest accusation, the actor immediately came out with a statement. His reps said that these were "decade-old, discredited allegations” and implied that even if they were being brought up again today, it doesn’t mean that it’s true. The actor also canceled his appearances on David Letterman and Queen Latifah's talk shows, according to CBS News..

Apart from the NBC project, Cosby is also set to do debut his latest stand-up comedy special on Netflix, which has a Thanksgiving release date on the streaming site.

Cosby is huge figure on American television as “The Cosby Show” defined a great decade for sitcoms. It remains to be seen what NBC will plan about the Cosby reboot, but keep checking back to Movie News Guide (MNG) for the updates.

UPDATE: Following the publishing of this piece, NBC has decided to pull out of the Bill Cosby project, citing that the network has yet to receive the final script for the planned TV series. Netflix has also postponed its Cosby special. The confirmation is according to The Hollywood Reporter. 

Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/Mr. Scott King

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