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Casey Wilson in 2013

“Marry Me” is an NBC sitcom that airs on Tuesdays, at 9:00 p.m., beginning Oct. 14, 2014. The show stars Casey Wilson (“Happy Endings”) and Ken Marino (“Eastbound & Down”), as a couple in a six-year relationship who are thinking of taking the next step. David Caspe, who also created “Happy Endings,” which ran for two seasons on ABC, created the show. Read further to learn more about “Marry Me.”

The premise of the series is about two romantically involved people wanting to get things done right in their relationship. Annie (Wilson) and Jake (Marino) have been together for six years. Upon their return from a romantic holiday, Jake thought that it might be a good time to ask his girlfriend the inevitable question, “Will you marry me?” But Annie has all these expectations about getting engaged that it effectively ruined Jake’s proposal. Deciding that they do not want a messy proposal to define their engagement for the rest of their life together, the couple holds off getting engaged until they can get this done perfectly.

The show is apparently loosely based on David Caspe’s proposal to Casey Wilson, who are together in real life. The two met while Wilson auditioned for “Happy Endings” in 2010 and subsequently landed the role of Penny Hartz in the series. From there, they developed a strong friendship. Caspe married Wilson last May 2014, after being together since 2011.

“It’s definitely an inspired bunch of events, but we didn’t have a big disastrous proposal situation. I’m sure as we get to write this show going forward, we’ll definitely put in a lot of the sort of hiccups that we’ve experienced,” said Caspe via The Hollywood Reporter (THR).

“Marry Me” will also feature Sarah Wright (“Parks and Recreation”), John Gemberling (“Broad City”), Tymberlee Hill (“Drunk History”) and Tim Meadows (“Bob’s Burgers”). Dan Bucatinsky (“Scandal”) will have a recurring guest role.

In a separate interview, also with THR, Caspe said that if the show picks up, he might invite former cast members of his old show “Happy Endings” to guest star on “Marry Me,” with their schedules and contracts permitting.

And that’s the news we have on “Marry Me,” which will begin airing  on Oct. 14, 2014 on NBC. Follow Movie News Guide (MNG) for more updates about this show.

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