NCIS Los Angeles Recap: Black Wind

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NCIS Los Angeles Recap: Black Wind
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“NCIS: Los Angeles” Season 6 Episode 14 “Black Wind” aired last Monday, Feb. 2, 2015, at 10 PM on CBS. In this episode, in order to stop a bioterrorist attack of anthrax in the United States, NCIS Special Agent Sam Hanna (LL Cool J) and NCIS Special Agent G Callen (Chris O’Donnell) went undercover in Tijuana, Mexico, where they teamed up with Special Agent Paula Fuentes (Angelique Cabral). Meanwhile, as the team back in Los Angeles worked tirelessly to help them out, Los Angeles Police Detective Marty Deeks (Eric Christian Olsen) and Kensi Blye (Daniela Ruah) tried to help the family of their patient zero, which led them to question whether if, in the end, they did the right thing. Read on to learn more about this episode.

The episode began with a car chase, as Border Patrol went after a pick-up truck that had not stopped at the border checkpoint. After crashing into a fence, the driver escaped, leaving behind the passenger, who was exhibiting some very strange symptoms. Because of that, the passenger was transferred to a nearby naval hospital.

The next morning, at the Los Angeles branch of NCIS, Los Angeles Police Detective Marty Deeks (Eric Christian Olsen) brought in a cactus, and much to the chagrin of NCIS Special Agent G Callen (Chris O’ Donnell) and NCIS Special Agent Sam Hanna (LL Cool J), they discovered that due to the drought, Deeks had deliberately closed many of the taps and instructed them to only flush the toilet once a day. Deeks then accidentally hit the cactus, which caused several of its barbs to get stuck on his leg, but the others refused to remove it as they had just been called to operations by Technical Operator Eric Beale (Barrett Foa).

At operations, they were greeted by Assistant Director Owen Granger (Miguel Ferrer), Eric, and Intelligence Analyst Nell Jones (Renee Felice Smith). There, they were informed of the car chase that had happened earlier, which was near Camp Pendleton, and were told that the passenger had been brought to the naval hospital as he had a bad case of bacterial anthrax. This made them realize that this was a case of bioterrorism aimed at the American military. In order to track down the source of the anthrax, since the passenger had come from Mexico, Sam and G were ordered to go undercover as furniture importers in Tijuana, Mexico, where they would be helped out by one of their agents, Special Agent Paula Fuentes (Angelique Cabral).

While G and Sam made their way to Tijuana, Deeks and Kensi went to the hospital in order to find out more about their patient zero, who was still a John Doe. There, they discovered that he was in a deep coma, and took a picture of several numbers and letters that was scribbled onto his left arm.

Meanwhile, in Tijuana, as soon as Sam and G entered Agent Paula Fuentes’ house, they were knocked down by Mauricio, a taxi driver and confidential informant of Paula’s. After telling Mauricio that they were not after her, she informed them that Mauricio had informed her that one of the cartel members that he drove for had met up with a Middle Eastern man who had paid the cartel member a significant amount of cash. She also informed them that Mexico’s Public Health Department had tipped them that there had been a hit on anthrax at a local airport. She then informed them that instead of being furniture dealers, they would be cooks and owners of an All-American Burgers food truck named Fast Gringos, since they needed to be more mobile.

Back at operations, Nell and Eric informed Kensi and Deeks that the strain of anthrax in their John Doe was the most deadly strain yet. They then discovered that the pick-up truck that the passenger had been recently stolen was at a block or two away from the address that had been scribbled onto the John Doe’s arm. They then discovered that that particular address belonged to one Alejandro Guzman (Enrique Castillo), a Mexican plumber, who tried to run away from Kensi and Deeks, before they finally arrested him and brought him to the boat shed for questioning.

Back in Tijuana, Sam and G almost got shut down by the local police if it weren’t for the intervention of a public health worker who was installing air pollution sensors with his co-worker. He then, much to the delight of Sam, ordered two veggie burgers instead of regular burgers.

Back at the boat shed, Kensi and Deeks, after questioning Alejandro, discovered that the passenger was his son and that he had smuggled him into America so that he could get proper medical attention as he had gotten really sick. As he was a warehouse janitor, Kensi and Deeks realized that he had probably gotten infected while he was cleaning up at the warehouse where the anthrax was being made. After informing them that his son had come into San Diego through a tunnel used by the cartels to smuggle drugs, they, with Granger’s permission, cut a deal with Alejandro—he would show them the tunnel and in exchange they would bring his daughter-in-law and his grandson into the United States.

Back at operations, Nell and Eric informed Sam and G that the only Middle Eastern microbiologist there who would know how to make anthrax was a man named Fuad Naziri who worked at a pesticide company called Eliminado Industries, which had a warehouse in Tijuana. Mauricio then tailed him with his taxi, and Sam and G moved their truck nearer to where Naziri usually ate. However, after a while, Paula told them that they had to move to a different address since the Mexican Public Health Department had given them the wrong address as to where they believed the anthrax was. However, on their way, Sam and G almost got killed, as their brakes and gear stick refused to work. Thanks to Sam’s quick thinking, they managed to get the brakes working again.

Meanwhile, Alejandro showed Kensi, Granger and Deeks the tunnel where he had met up with his son. After going down, they encountered a shooter who managed to shoot Alejandro in the arm. After Deeks promised Alejandro that they would get his family to them, Granger brought Alejandro to the hospital.

As soon as Granger left, Deeks and Kensi decided to use the tunnel to get to Mexico, and if it opened up into the anthrax laboratory, they would shut it down. On the way, they discovered that Deeks had succeeded in fatally injuring their shooter. After climbing up the hatch at the end of the tunnel, they discovered that Mauricio had been shot to death, and sent over a picture to Sam and G, who quickly informed Paula about it. Kensi and Deeks then met up with Sam, G and Paula, who had discovered that the Eliminado Industries warehouse contained equipment that could make anthrax. Sam and G then decided to check the warehouse out, while Kensi and Deeks went to get Alejandro’s family to safety in the consulate.

While fetching Alejandro’s daughter-in-law and grandson, Tomas, Kensi shot a motorcyclist with a gun, who was aiming at them, because Alejandro’s son had earned the ire of the cartels as the cartel tunnel had been shut down by the authorities.

Meanwhile, Sam and G discovered that Naziri had been shot to death, and discovered from operations that strangely enough Naziri’s credentials were used to get into the United States just minutes back, as he was an American citizen. After looking at the picture of the supposed Naziri and after editing it, they realized that the imposter was none other than the public health worker who had ordered the veggie burgers from them. He was identified as Diego Gonzalez’s (Adrian R’Mante). It turned out that that his father was Muslim who died in a chemical plant explosion. They then hurried back to Los Angeles after discovering that Gonzalez was planning to use a helicopter to dump the anthrax on the home base of the Navy SEALS as revenge for the death of Osama Bin Laden. After a shoot out on the San Diego helipad, Sam and G managed to prevent the helicopter from leaving, and shot down Gonzalez and his accomplices.

Back at the hospital, after Alejandro and his daughter-in-law and grandson were reunited, Alejandro was taken away by ICE and Homeland. Granger then informed them that Alejandro was going be sent to jail and that Tomas and his mother were going to be deported back to Mexico. This affected the entire team, most especially Deeks, as Tomas wondered why this was happening as he thought that Deeks and Kensi and their team were the “good guys.”

Later, at the office, Deeks cheered up a little after learning that a flower was blooming on the cactus he had brought in as that particular cactus only bloomed once a year. However, Operations Manager Henrietta “Hetty” Lange (Linda Hunt) informed him that he had been wrong about what specific breed the cactus was and informed them that that particular cactus’ flower bloomed every night for a period of three months. Afterwards, Deeks hugged Granger after he informed them that he had managed to talk things over with ICE and Homeland and had managed to make sure that Alejandro, Tomas and his mother weren’t detained or deported back to Mexico. Hetty then brought out a bottle of tequila, which they all drank together to celebrate a mission well done.

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