NCIS: Los Angeles Recap: Inelegant Heart

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NCIS: Los Angeles Recap: Inelegant Heart
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“NCIS: Los Angeles” Season 6 Episode 2 “Inelegant Heart” aired on Monday, Oct. 6, 2014, at 10:00 p.m. on CBS. In this episode, a murder that the team investigated led to a full operation to unmask the true identity of the operator of a black market website in the deep net. Meanwhile, Operations Manager Hetty Lange (Linda Hunt) was under fire in Washington, as she was interrogated on her missions, particularly the “White Ghost” mission. However, the Los Angeles team felt the brunt force of Hetty’s ordeal when investigators from the Department of Justice came knocking at their door. Read on to learn more about this episode.

The episode began with a man breaking and entering into a house in order to steal the homeowner’s computers and equipment. However, he was interrupted by the homeowner’s dog, who led him to the homeowner’s dead body in the kitchen.

At headquarters, Special Agent Kensi Blye (Daniela Ruah) and Detective Marty Deeks (Eric Christian Olsen) sparred with each other, both verbally and physically. After taunting her, Kensi managed to put him down and into a lock. Technical Operator Eric Beale (Barrett Foa)  came in to inform them that they had a new case, and Deeks was disappointed at him because he did not help him out.

At operations, they are greeted by Assistant Director Owen Granger (Miguel Ferrer), Eric and Intelligence Analyst Nell Jones (Renee Felice Smith). They were given their latest case. Brian Bell, a private contractor of the Navy with access to information and who was working on the Navy’s cyber security, was found dead in his home.

However, he had been dead for several days already when the anonymous tip came in via payphone. Brian was a boy genius and hacker who was investigating a black market site on the deep net called Chauvenet, where one could hire assassins and purchase all illegal goods. Because of the nature of the case, Granger decided to pull out Special Agents Sam Hanna (LL Cool J) and G Callen (Chris O’Donnell), who have been working on an undercover operation for several weeks. Sam posed as a prison guard, while G had to pose as a prisoner, which required him to be locked up for several weeks. They were able to get out of their current assignment by staging a fight so that G would end up solitary for two weeks. However, the pair went over to the NCIS headquarters, where they were told to Brian’s next of kin, while Kensi and Deeks investigated the crime scene.

Meanwhile, in Washington, Hetty faced Michael Thomas, who was in charge of questioning her. They asked why she had sent Agent Blye to Afghanistan instead of an Army Ranger or a Navy SEAL. Hetty only responded that Kensi was the ideal candidate to go because if they needed to gather intelligence, more of the local women would talk to a woman than a man.  As Hetty continued to stonewall, Thomas told one of his aides to put several people out to Los Angeles.

Sam and G discovered that Brian did not really have much real-life friends or relationships, as most of his time was spent online and that he was extremely paranoid. Meanwhile, Kensi and Deeks discovered that most of Brian’s hardware had been stolen and that he had a military full body armor suit in his closet.

As most of Brian’s equipment were missing, they lost their chance at finding out who the killer was based on Brian’s surveillance footage. However, the other surveillance cameras in the neighborhood was able to show them footage of a man in a silver van breaking into Brian’s house days after he had been killed. This same modus operandi was also found in other cases of breaking and entering. Footage of the payphone where the anonymous tip was called revealed that the one who had called in the tip was also the person who broke into Brian’s house — a thief known as Douglas Fisher.

However, at that moment, Eric warned them that there were intruders on their premises. Granger and Nell came down to meet the team from the Department of Justice, who had executive orders to conduct a full operations audit and to interview all of the Los Angeles agents. They realized that it was more than a coincidence that this was happening while Hetty was in Washington and that they were there to find out anything that could be used against Hetty and them.  In order to keep an eye on them, Nell had them set up their base of operations in the gym, and Granger told them not to be around so much and to work from the boathouse.

At Washington, Hetty, who was still under the gun, revealed that she had indeed harbored a German operative she was supposed to have killed, as he was a valuable asset. Afterwards, a cell phone was surreptitiously slipped into her pocket. She then slipped into the bathroom where she used the phone to call Granger, who informed her that a team from the Department of Justice had come, most likely at the request of her interrogator, Michael Thomas. Hetty then told him to remind Nell that their building was an old one.

At the gym, the Department of Justice team was starting to get antsy since they could not conduct any interviews as the agents were not around and threatened to issue warrants if they did not come. After Granger relayed Hetty’s message to Nell, she tripped the power so that they would experience a blackout in the building. Eric, who was going across the gym to leave for the boathouse told them that they usually did have roving blackouts that lasted for three to four hours, and they did not have any back-up generators. Thanks to this, they were forced to abandon their investigation in the meantime.

After they arrested Douglas Fisher and confiscated the equipment that he stole from Brian’s house, they discovered that he was killed by a masked man, who took a picture of his lifeless body and emailed it to whoever had hired him to kill Brian via email. They then found out that Brian had discovered the identity of the operator of Chauvenet, a person calling himself Papa Legba. He had then used this knowledge to blackmail Papa Legba, threatening that if he didn’t comply, Brian would reveal his identity to the FBI. This led Papa Legba to hire an assassin on his website in order to have Brian killed.

In order to make the assassin come out of hiding, they sent Papa Legba an email from Brian saying that they had not succeeded in killing him and that his price for keeping the identity of Papa Legba a secret had gone up to $ 1 million. They were able to do this as the police had not yet officially released a statement regarding Brian’s death. Immediately, Papa Legba replied to the email, saying that he would need some time to collect the money.

As Papa Legba and Brian’s killer both thought that Brian was still alive, the killer came back to Brian’s house to finish the job. However, both Sam and G were waiting for the killer, Daniel Howard, whom they promptly arrested. However, as everything on Chauvenet was anonymously done, he had no idea who Papa Legba was.

Thankfully, Eric was able to figure out who Papa Legba was by tracing the emails of those who had first posted in forums about Chauvenet. He had discovered that six usernames and emails belonged to one person, Justin Stewart, who owned a recycling facility that had no building permit and had no contracts. The team was successful in infiltrating the facility and in arresting Justin Stewart.

Back at the Los Angeles headquarters, both Eric and Nell told them that Justin’s laptop held a treasure trove of data and information. However, one email and file had stood out to them and had distressed them. After pulling up the email and the file on the big screen, they discovered that someone had paid $250,000 for information on Hetty’s home address, and someone had given the information, which meant that Hetty was in real danger.

In Washington, under the watchful eye of some bodyguards, Hetty entered her hotel for the night. However, aside from the federal agents watching her, another car stood near the hotel. The man inside snuffed out his cigarette, and it was revealed that he had a revolver and a silencer on top of a file that contained Hetty’s picture and information.

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