NCIS: Los Angeles Recap: Leipei

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
NCIS: Los Angeles Recap: Leipei
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“NCIS: Los Angeles” Season 6 Episode 7 “Leipei” aired on Monday, Nov. 10, 2014, at 10:00 p.m. on CBS. In this episode, the team investigated the murder of a known Greek terrorist who was currently in the Witness Protection program. However, their investigation, instead of uncovering a foreign plot against the Untied States, uncovered a home grown one instead. Read on to learn more about this episode.   

The episode began with the interface of a remote controlled airplane or drone, which was headed towards the city.

Inside a hotel room, a woman was surprised to find that an airplane was headed towards hers and her boyfriend’s hotel room window. Her boyfriend, who was in a hurry to get going, lifted a chair in order to hit the airplane. However, before he even hit it, the drone exploded, causing him to fall from the balcony to his death.

Meanwhile, at the NCIS: Los Angeles headquarters, Special Agent G Callen (Chris O’ Donnell) was amused at his partner, Special Agent Sam Hanna (LL Cool J), who was busy shooting paper targets for practice, as he wanted to beat their instructors’ high score. Their conversation was interrupted by Special Agent Kensi Blye (Daniela Ruah) and her partner, Detective Marty Deeks (Eric Christian Olsen), who were debating about Deeks’ dog. Their debate, however, was interrupted by Technical Operator Eric Beale (Barret Foa), who informed them that they had a new case.

At operations, the team was greeted by Assistant Director Owen Granger (Miguel Ferrer). They were then informed that the case had gone to them as the victim, Antonis Cosse (Rocky Abou-Sahker), who had been killed by an explosion caused by a remote controlled drone in a hotel at Longbeach, was Elias Minas in reality, a highly ranked member of the Greek terrorist group “Polites tin Katapolemis tis” or “PK” for short. Because of this, according to Homeland Security, he was a person of interest and was on the No Fly List. However, interestingly enough, he ended up in Los Angeles. Deeks and Kensi were then instructed to go to the boatshed to meet up with Operations Manager Henrietta “Hetty” Lange (Linda Hunt) and Agent Rollins (Tamlyn Tomita), a Homeland agent who worked on Minas’ case. Sam and G, on the other hand, were to go the crime scene to talk to the eyewitness, Sierra Fisher (Meagan Tandy). Intelligence Analyst Nell Jones (Renee Felice Smith) ended up tagging along with Sam and G as Eric had informed the team that Nell was an expert when it comes to radio controlled aircraft.

At the boatshed, they discovered that in exchange for Minas giving up and betraying the entire PK, they made sure that he entered the Witness Protection Program. However, around three months ago, they had lost him, as he had vanished until today. She also had no idea what he was doing in Los Angeles and did not know who could have possibly killed him.

At the crime scene, Nell reassured them that she was going to try to see if she could figure out from where the drone has been launched. Meanwhile, Sam and G persuaded Minas’ married girlfriend, Sierra Fisher, to tell them everything that she had seen and heard. She informed them that after Minas had gone to the lobby to get some coffee, he became terrified and was in a rush to leave. Then the drone came and killed him.

Based on the hotel’s and the street’s security camera footages, Minas had become terrified after he had spotted someone in a silver Nissan across the street. After enhancing the image, Eric discovered that the man driving the Nissan was Frank Kouris (Alex Carter), a high-ranking PK member, and one of those whom Minas had betrayed. However, he could not have been Minas’ killer, as he arrived in Los Angeles months before Minas.

Nell then sent Kensi and Deeks to a garage in Longbeach where the drone had been launched, as she had been able to track down where it had been launched. Inside, they discovered a dumpster with the body of the dead owner of the building. Eric and Nell then started to do a background check on the dead owner to see if he had connection to PK or Minas.

Meanwhile, Sam and G checked out a Greek restaurant where Kouris was meeting other members of PK. In order to get all the customers, the manager and the busboys out, G posed as a Health Inspector who had to close down the restaurant due to the fact that it had received a really low grade. Sam, on the other hand, posed as a disgruntled customer, who made such a scene that it drove off the other customers. As soon as all the civilians were out, Sam and G confronted Kouris.

At the boatshed, Kouris refused to talk until they mentioned his sister and his brilliant nephew, who was just accepted in Stanford University. He then revealed that he had indeed followed Minas from his apartment to the Longbeach Hotel, where he had been engaging in an extra marital affair with Mrs. Fisher. However, he claimed that he did not kill Minas because if he had been his murderer, he would have killed him with a knife. Sam was inclined to believe him, as men like him would only brag about murdering those whom he considered as traitors.

Back at operations, Eric discovered that Minas had been offering up his services on the dark website that the NICS Los Angeles team had brought down — Chauvenet. From there, they learned that he had been $50,000 in bit coin. However, they did not know who exactly had bought his services. This also made them confused as he had accepted $50,000, when they all knew that he was skilled at planning terrorist attacks. That amount was too small for someone like him.  

At the Longbeach garage, Kensi and Deeks realized, based on the evidence found there, that not only had the drone been made there, but that whoever had hired Minas was planning on building a full scale drone that was capable of carrying a lot of explosives. They then realized that Minas was paid so low as he had only supplied the proof of concept. As Minas’ employers did not want the evidence to link back to them, they decided to use Minas’ design against him.

Meanwhile, Sam and G gunned down a man who attempted to flee Minas’ apartment. The man, Eric Swanson, turned out to be a member of a cult based out of Texas named “Live Free First” headed by Rand Palmer, who had just declared war on all corporations in America. According to Nell’s background search on him, Palmer considered Los Angeles and New York as the source of all the corporate greed in America.

Nell then informed them that the bigger drone operated on a 3G connection, so it could go virtually anywhere. Thanks to the GPS on Swanson’s hiking watch, they discovered that Swanson had done some reconnaissance at an open site at Longbeach, where a recycling plant was going to be built.

After they had all left to chase after Palmer, Hetty asked Granger if there was any progress in identifying the mole within their team. Hetty asked Granger’s help, as she had been warned that someone in her team had been leaking information on her.

They were able to spot Palmer but were a little bit too late, as the drone had already taken off. Kensi, Deeks, Sam and G then chased after Palmer’s car, as he had the tablet that was controlling the drone, which was headed towards the Southshore Oil Refinery. Sam and G were then able to stop Palmer’s van, and G managed to gun Palmer down. However, G had to rely on Nell’s help, as the tablet’s screen was shot as the screen had cracked after Palmer tossed the tablet away. Luckily, they were able to divert the drone’s course and made it land near them. After the explosion, nobody was hurt, as they had it land next to Palmer’s car.

Back at headquarters, Hetty poured Nell a glass of whiskey made out of wheat in order to talk to her. Nell then revealed that she did want to continue on training to become an undercover agent but was terrified of going undercover. She told Hetty that she would only be able to become an undercover agent “her way”, and not the conventional way, like the way that the others handle themselves.

Then, the entire team came in to congratulate Nell on her flying skills, and Hetty invited them to drink and celebrate with them.  

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