NCIS: Los Angeles Recap: SEAL Hunter

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NCIS: Los Angeles Recap: SEAL Hunter
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NCIS: Los Angeles” Season 6 Episode 6 “SEAL Hunter” aired last Monday, Nov. 4, 2014, at 9:00 p.m. on CBS. In this episode, the team worked together to clear NCIS Special Agent Sam Hanna’s (LL Cool J) name after he was arrested by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for murder. Read on to learn more about this episode.

The episode began with Special Agent Sam Hanna (LL Cool J) getting arrested by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for murder. His boss, Operations Manager Henrietta Lange (Linda Hunt), told him to cooperate with the FBI for the time being.

At the NCIS: Los Angeles headquarters, Detective Marty Deeks’ (Eric Christian Olsen) tried to cut open a durian, while his partner, Special Agent Kensi Blye (Daniela Ruah), looked on. However, they were interrupted by G and Hetty, who was currently on the line with the Secretary of State regarding Sam’s arrest. They were then told that they were not allowed to interfere in the FBI’s investigation. The Assistant Director Owen Granger (Miguel Ferrer) told G that he was “restricted from field duty” in the meantime and took away his badge temporarily. They were then surprised when Technical Operator Eric Beale (Barrett Foa) called them into operations to discuss a new case. All they cared about was clearing Sam’s name.

At operations, Hetty ordered that Intelligence Analyst Nell Jones (Renee Felice Smith) activate the “Isolation Protocol”. Once all of the personnel were out, Eric activated “Shadow Protocol." The entire operations room would be locked down so that they could discuss Sam’s case.

According to what they were able to figure out, Sam had been arrested for the murder of Leyla Walden as Sam’s DNA and swatch cap were found at the crime scene. Leyla had been a real estate agent and a bookkeeper, but had no known connections to Sam. They also discovered that since Sam was working on an undercover operation the night before, he had no alibi at all. As G was confined to his desk, both Kensi and Deeks went over to Leyla’s apartment as part of the “Crime Scene Sanitation” crew in order to check out the crime scene.

At Leyla’s apartment, they noticed that there was no sign of forced entry or struggle. They did discover that she was a vegetarian based on the fact that she had a lot of beans for protein in the kitchen. However, they found it strange that a vegetarian frequented Canter’s Deli, a known sandwich place, which they discovered as she had a bowlful of mints from the deli and even owned a Canter’s Deli.

Meanwhile, G tracked down Agent Gordon, the agent in charge of the case, and Assistant District Attorney Sullivan to their car, where he gave G the laboratory report of the crime scene. According to the report, Sam’s DNA had been found at the crime scene. After G had Eric compare the DNA the FBI had on hand of Sam’s to their own DNA sample of Sam’s, they discovered that it was a perfect match. Eric was able to get the sample after expertly hacking into the FBI’s system. They were also able to get security camera footage of the night Leyla was murdered. The killer wore a dark sweater with a hood, and he deliberately avoided the cameras, making sure that only the back of his bald head was exposed to make it seem that it was indeed Sam. They also discovered that Leyla had been killed as her neck had been snapped. Hetty and G then became a little bit worried as the killer sounded like a professional.   

At Canter’s, Kensi and Deeks were able to talk to the owner, Edna. She was reluctant to give information at first. In the end, she was able to identify the man that Leyla often met at Canter’s as Ray Turner (Casey Saner). It was after they showed her a picture of Leyla and a man at the parking lot of Canter’s, which Eric was able to provide.

They discovered that Ray Turner was a former Navy SEAL whose sole mission in life was to expose Navy SEAL imposters and even had a website and web show.

Meanwhile, G, who had gone to Sam’s arraignment hearing, found that there was none as Sam had gone missing, accidentally spilled a glass of water on Agent Gordon’s lap after posing as a waiter in the restaurant where she and Sullivan were having lunch. He then discovered that they had deliberately lost Sam inside the system so that they would have more time to build a case with no bail against Sam. After Agent Gordon threatened to arrest him for obstruction of an investigation, he deftly stole her gun and dropped it in the aquarium. Granger, who had been waiting for G at a table at the same restaurant pulled G outside so that he could bring him up to speed on Agent Gordon.

After Deeks got trapped in Turner’s arsenal room, they arrested him and brought him to the boat shed for interrogation so that they could ask him about Leyla Walden. However, he refused to cooperate and kept silent. However, he was surprised and saddened when he learned that Leyla had been murdered.

Meanwhile, G threatened to enter the hotel room where Agent Gordon and Sullivan were as they were sleeping with each other. They then ran out, with nothing much on, only to be confronted by Granger, who took their pictures as leverage. Thanks to that, they were able to persuade them to release Sam for the meantime.

Kensi and Deeks were grateful to see Sam at the boat shed, where he tried to talk to Turner, as they were both Navy SEALs. However, Turner, who had not heard of Sam at all, told him that he would check him out first with his contacts to see if he really was a SEAL. Sam and G then followed him to his boat. However, the tables were turned on them as Turner was just right behind them. He had known that they had been following him the entire time. Then Turner’s boat had suddenly exploded.

Afterwards, Turner told Sam that he had discovered that he was the real deal and that most budding Navy SEALS wanted to be him when they grew up. He then told them that he had been meeting Leyla at Canter’s as she was the unofficial bookkeeper for a man named Jeremy North, who ran a tactical fight school and whom he suspected was a fake Navy SEAL, who was going to start his own Blackwater Company with $7 million. He also told them that North had killed Leyla, as he had discovered that Leyla had found him out.

It turned out that Jeremy North was really Less Stevens, a marine whom Sam had taught when he was an instructor. He remembered that many had teased both of them on how they looked so much alike but had not seen him since. They then discovered that Stevens had been dishonorably discharged and had been convicted on charges of identity theft before. After checking his school’s website, it turned out that his partners claimed to be ex-CIA and ex-FBI. He had tried to get money from an escrow account that same morning. However, the bank had not given them the money. The team then split up, as G, Sam and Tuner checked out the office, while Kensi and Deeks checked out the school.

At the office, they stumbled on one of Lee’s associates. He had been trying to shred all the evidence in the room. They then discovered that the office was an identity theft factory. They had equipment to create fake driver’s licenses and passports. They even had files on the people they impersonated, such as Sam. It turned out that Lee had stolen Sam’s ID back in 2002 from his locker.  

At the school, Kensi observed a class, while she left Deeks with an employee who flirted heavily with Deeks and trapped him in a closet. However, she revealed that she knew that he was a detective, as she had been there during a drug bust years back when she was a working girl. She then told him that she had followed his advice to her back then and was finally doing honest work. However, she was saddened when she learned that Lee was an imposter. She then told him that Lee had asked her to bring him $50,000. She had been nervous about carrying that much money on her, so she had told him to come and get it himself. Then Deeks asked her if she wanted to help them catch Lee. All she had to do was follow Lee’s instruction. The rest of the team would be on standby in order to catch Lee’s partners who showed up during the exchange.

They were able to get two of his partners. Sam himself went against Lee, whom he followed into the auditorium of a civics center. Sam then confronted him and challenged Lee to fight him. However, he won every round, even after he gave Lee a weapon to fight with. Defeated, Lee cried as he admitted that he was not a real Navy SEAL while Sam got the entire thing on video.

Turner then posted the video on his website and called the NCIS team his covert backup. Deeks finally got to open the durian, but nobody wanted to partake of it as they did not like its smell.

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