NCIS: Los Angeles Recap: Season 5 Finale Episode 24 Deep Trouble [WATCH VIDEO]

By Hannah Aven Guarin | 4 years ago
NCIS: Los Angeles Recap: Season 5 Finale Episode 24 Deep Trouble [WATCH VIDEO]
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“NCIS: Los Angeles” Season 5 Episode 24 “Deep Trouble” aired on Tuesday, May 13, 2014 at 9:00 p.m. on CBS.  Lt. Hill fell from a bridge which caused his death. The team went to investigate why and how he died. Read on to learn more about MNG’s “NCIS: Los Angeles” recap of the Season 5 Finale Episode 24 “Deep Trouble.”

Previously on “NCIS: Los Angeles” (“Deep Trouble” Season 5 Episode 24), the team was focused on solving the case involving Lieutenant Commander Steven Hill, an engineer of a sub. Compared to “NCIS,” “NCIS: Los Angeles” did not deliver the spice, action-packed or even dramatic/heartfelt episode that somehow we were all expecting. Anyway, back to the case.

The lieutenant went missing for a month. When he was found, the case was believed to be a suicide, and the victim died from cocaine overdose. Of course, the team was not buying that. Truth was the Lt. Hill was already dead even before he fell from the bridge.

Meanwhile, the team managed to track Michael Wilson’s house through the engine’s acoustic sound. Thanks to Eric.  When they reached the place, people began shooting them and even threw a grenade. Sam (LL Cool J) managed to throw it back. They broke in to the house and found a woman shackled into the bed and shot in the face. The woman was later identified as Jennifer Anderson. Her husband owned a yacht building company.

Sam and Callen (Chris O’Donnell) had a word with the husband. He told them that Jennifer was in Europe with a friend. However, the husband’s tone changed when they told him what happened to Jennifer. He only managed to utter that her abductors said that they would not hurt her. Well, obviously, they lied. The drug dealers held his wife as a hostage because they wanted him to build a submarine.

Nell (Renee Felice Smith) found another car the Wilson’s house. The GPS lead them to a dock. Sam went with Callen to check out the submarine and got trapped. When Deeks (Eric Christian Olsen) and Kensi (Daniela Ruah) reached the dock, the submarine was gone, along with Sam and Callen.

Talia (Mercedes Masohn) showed up in this episode which made Kensi jealous. Kensi remarked that Talia was not attractive, but beautiful. Then, Deeks told her that she was beautiful. Kensi replied with a punch. Moreover, Talia teased Deeks about being madly in love with Kensi. Deeks tried to deny and somehow mask his feelings for Kensi by saying that all they have was a brother-sister relationship.

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