NCIS: Los Angeles Recap: Spiral

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NCIS: Los Angeles Recap: Spiral
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“NCIS: Los Angeles” Season 6 Episode 12 “Spiral” aired last Monday, Jan. 5, 2014, at 10:00 p.m. on CBS. In this episode, a routine undercover operation turned quickly into a hostage situation for NCIS Agent G Callen (Chris O’ Donnell) after a terrorist group suddenly infiltrated the building where Callen was undercover in. However, things turned out more than it had seemed as what was merely a hostage situation was really a distraction in order to steal a deadly bioweapon in the building. Read on to learn more about this episode.

The episode began at Wyatt Towers, where Tom Blanchard got mad at the internet cable crew’s head as they were taking a lot of time installing Ethernet cables into his office building. Callen then came in as Jimmy the mailman in order to deliver the mail to him. Because of his diligence and punctuality, Tom told him that he might actually consider promoting him if he wanted, which meant that two weeks of undercover work might just pay off. On the other end of the line, Callen’s partner, NCIS Agent Sam Hanna (LL Cool J), listened in as his partner took pictures of Tom’s mail, as Tom was actually a dangerous arms dealer. Tom then caught Callen taking pictures and threatened to take him down. However, he was interrupted by the head of the internet crew as they pulled out guns and took everyone hostage. Tom tried to negotiate but was shot dead.

Meanwhile, at the NCIS: Los Angeles headquarters, Los Angeles Police Detective Marty Deeks (Eric Christian Olsen) worked out with the punching bags while his partner, NCIS Agent Kensi Blye (Daniela Ruah) tried to meditate as her doctor had ordered her to find a less stressful way of solving her problems as she had adrenaline fatigue. However, they were interrupted by Intelligence Analyst Nell Jones (Renee Felice Smith) as Assistant Director Owen Granger (Miguel Ferrer) needed them at operations as Callen’s operation had been compromised.

Upstairs at operations, they were shown a video of the hostage takers shooting Tom Blanchard and sending over a list of known terrorists in custody and Guantanamo Bay that they wanted freed, or else, they would shoot a new hostage every hour. They then claimed that that was their jihad. As all communication devices were down, Granger told Kensi and Deeks to back up Sam and informed the Los Angeles Police Department to back down so that his team could find a way inside first.

Back inside the building, Callen went over to an officer whom the hostage takers had kicked hard as he, Don (Patrick Gallagher), had tried to reassure one of the ladies who had started to panic. Callen told him that he was alright and met Dr. Karen Ward (Ella Scott Lynch), who informed Callen later on that Don had internal bleeding. After a quick scan of the posters that the jihadists had hung, Callen reassured her that they were actually not so down on their luck, as he remarked that real radicals don’t hang propaganda posters upside down.

Outside, Kensi and Deeks met up with Sam and informed him that they had two SAT phones with them. They then knocked out the two guards guarding the east service entrance elevator. Sam then informed Granger to call off all rescue attempts as they had just discovered that the entire building had been rigged to explode. Granger then informed Technical Operator Eric Beale (Barret Foa) and Nell that Operations Manager Henrietta “Hetty” Lange (Linda Hunt) would immediately be flying in from Nicaragua where she had cut her lunch short. Granger then ordered them to instruct LAPD to evacuate the area just in case the building explodes, leaving Kensi, Deeks and Sam with no back up whatsoever. Inside the building, they were able to learn, from the guards’ com set that everyone had been instructed to go to the 16th floor, which was probably where they were holding the hostages. Kensi and Deeks decided to go to the hostages, while Sam went to look for Callen, as he knew that Callen would find a way to get out. At that precise moment, because of the fact that two of the guards were down, the head of the crew and several others left to check out what had happened. Callen then took this opportunity to slip out.

Meanwhile, back at operations, based on Tom’s recent credit card history, Eric and Nell deduced that Tom had a girlfriend, which they then tracked down so that they could bring her in for questioning.

Callen then followed the men from his floor to the boardroom, where he listened in to them talking. Meanwhile, Kensi and Deeks managed to slip into the 16th floor and noticed that all of the men, save for one had been called away. However, the man that was left behind posed a serious threat as he had been wired to a Deadman’s switch. That meant that if he let go of the detonator, then he and the entire building would explode.

On Callen’s floor, the ringleader and three others started to comb through Tom’s financial records but were interrupted when Dr. Karen Ward was brought in, as they had caught her trying to escape. In order to save her, Callen stepped in, and before he was executed, Sam came. Together, they took out everyone except for two, which included the ringleader, who escaped. Afterwards, they discovered that Karen had escaped as well. Sam then explained the entire situation to Callen then decided to go hunting as the cavalry was being sent in, since they knew that the others would be told to check out the gunshots and the commotion on their floor. They then deduced that Tom had been targeted from the get go, and the whole hostage situation was just a smokescreen.

On the 16th floor, Deeks managed to get close enough to the explosives rigged to the tower beams in order to take pictures to send to Nell, but as the SAT phone had no signal, he was not able to send it. He then decided to figure out a way to get signal and quickly slipped out, leaving Kensi alone on the floor.

Meanwhile, Granger questioned Tom’s girlfriend, who claimed not to know anything about Tom’s arms dealing. However, she did tell them that as Tom’s real estate agent, she noticed that he had only wanted to have one new office, on the 19th floor of that building. After some digging, Nell and Eric discovered that a company named Gamma Grade Pharmaceuticals had a storage laboratory right beside Tom’s office.

Meanwhile, Deeks decided to shoot the window of the office space he was in order to get signal. As he heard men coming because of his shots, he decided to go outside the window and hang from the building in order to get better signal.

On the 16th floor, Don, the head of security of the building, went towards Kensi and told her that he knew that she was a federal agent and that he would do everything and anything to help them out.

On another floor, Callen and Sam managed to overpower three men. They then decided to question the one that was still a little bit alive. They then realized that he had an Irish accent and that he had known what the entire mission was about, as the man only knew that it was just supposed to be a simple operation, they get it. They then took a picture of Tom’s face and sent it over to Eric.

At the same time, Deeks was finally able to get in touch with Nell and told him that he needed some help and the she had to walk him through a disarm. He then hid underneath a desk as two of the hostage takers had decided to check in on why shots were fired there but were called away suddenly, as a man told the other man, the leader, that they could get to work soon. Deeks then noticed that the two men had thick Irish accents and were not American.

Sam and Callen managed to get to the 19th floor, where they discovered that the laboratory door had been forced open. When they got there, they encountered Dr. Karen Young. After revealing that they were federal agents, Karen explained that the hostage takers were there for a virus bioweapon which had come as a result of a research accident that came in the course of the development of a vaccine. According to Eric and Nell, the bioweapon was known as “Spiral,” and they identified the man that Sam and Callen had sent a picture of as Liam Boyle, a member of the Celtic Militia, a more radical arm of the Irish Republican Army. Tom had been trying to sell Spiral to them as he knew that the Center of Disease and Control (CDC) was supposed to take away all of the Spiral vials, as it was deadly. If it ever got lose, those exposed to it would die in 72 hours, and the virus was airborne, making it more deadly than Ebola.

At the 16th floor, Don pretended to be having chest problems and moved away to the corridor with an elevator to get more air and was followed by their guard. This gave enough time for Deeks to disarm everything. Afterwards, Kensi and Deeks tried to overpower him, and thanks to Don, they managed to shove him down the elevator shaft where he blew up, shaking the entire building.

Callen then told Karen to get rid of the vials while he and Sam shot the ring leader and the other hostage taker dead. After informing Eric that they had Spiral, Eric informed them that Karen matched the description of a woman who was arrested at a Celtic Militia protest four years ago. After being confronted, she finally dropped the accent. She then managed to escape as she threatened to shatter a vial, which she did, prompting Callen to confine himself inside the laboratory so that Sam would not be exposed.

Sam went after her and told Kensi and Deeks to get a CDC unit to Callen as soon as possible. At the roof, Sam managed to shoot Karen and her helicopter pilot.

Two weeks later, Callen woke up at the CDC Headquarters, where he found Sam smiling at him. Sam told him that Gamma Grade had actually created an antidote, which Tom had forgotten to tell the Celtic Militia. He then told Sam that he had thought of his many regrets including giving up on believing that he might meet his father someday. Sam then told him that he still had hope and threatened to sing to him.

Back at headquarters, Nell and Eric, after breaking the good news that Callen was okay, decided to join Deeks and Kensi in a group meditation, much to Kensi’s chagrin.

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