NCIS Los Angeles Recap: The Grey Man

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NCIS Los Angeles Recap: The Grey Man
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“NCIS Los Angeles” Season 6 Episode 8 “The Grey Man” aired on Nov. 17, 2014  at 10:00 p.m. on CBS. In this episode, a murder investigation on a homeless John Doe, who turned out to be a renowned spy, allowed NCIS Special Agents G. Callen (Chris O’ Donnell), Sam Hanna (LL Cool J), Kensi Blye (Daniela Ruah) and Los Angeles Police Detective Marty Deeks (Eric Christian Olsen) to get out on the field to do some undercover work. They are soon then drawn into a mysterious case which involved missing fathers and a Mexican drug cartel. Meanwhile, Sam gave his daughter a cell phone, whose power she ended up abusing. Read on to learn more about this episode.

At the beginning of the episode, a homeless man tried to wake up the other groups of homeless men in a park by banging on a pot loudly. Afterwards, he and some other guys ganged up on one man, who proceeded to knock them out one by one. He was then knocked out by several men with ski masks, who tasered him and shoved him inside a black tinted van.

The next morning, NCIS Special Agent Sam Hanna (LL Cool J) came into the NCIS Los Angeles Headquarters while talking to his daughter. He then told everyone that he was “father of the year” as he now knew where she always was, as he had given her a cell phone with a GPS tracker. His daughter then called him twice — once to ask him to cook spaghetti for their dinner that night and another to tell him a “Knock, Knock” joke. Los Angeles Police Detective Marty Deeks (Eric Christian Olsen) tried to get them to tell him what the punchline was, but they were interrupted by Technical Operator Eric Beale (Barrett Foa), who told them that they had a case.

At the operations center, they were told that the Los Angeles Police Department had seen a harmless homeless man lying dead in the street. However, when they ran his fingerprints, it triggered a classified Department of Defense report. It turned out that the homeless man, Harrison Goodsell, had been in the CIA and had two decades of classified operations under his belt. He was what they called a Grey Man — someone with the unique abilities to blend in and easily disappear. However, as their medical examiner told them that he had been tortured before he had been killed, they were worried that he might have given up some sensitive information that may compromise other operatives and their missions. Assistant Director Owen Granger (Miguel Ferrer) told them then to concentrate on the investigation, while he would handle the CIA Agent involved with Goodsell. G then instructed NCIS Special Agent Kensi Blye (Daniela Ruah) and Deeks to show Goodsell’s picture to the homeless people who lived in that area, while he and Sam were to check out the crime scene. Before they left, Kensi asked Granger why Goodsell started living on streets. He then told her that Goodsell had a breakdown a year ago, as well as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and multiple brain injuries.

While on their way to the crime scene, Sam Told G that the reason why Goodsell had fallen hard was most probably because he had no support system to help him, as he had no family to speak of, which was typical of a grey man. Among the evidence that was gathered was a brochure for a sushi bar called Civic Sushi, which Kensi and Deeks paid a visit a little later on.

At Civic Sushi, they discovered that their homeless man often ate at the sushi bar, paid with his own money, tipped generously and wore a suit, as if he was a businessman. Since they did not believe him, the sushi bar’s owner showed them a picture in order to prove to them that he was telling the truth. Thanks to that, Eric and Technical Analyst Nell Jones (Renee Felice Smith) pulled all security camera footage from the Grand Park Food Court. There, they discovered that in the days leading to his death, he would either be in a business suit or dressed up as a homeless guy. They then realized that he was working an operation, especially since that area was surrounded by government offices such as a Federal Courthouse and the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), and that Granger had not told them the whole truth as a man who suffered from brain injuries would not be as keen and as astute as what they were seeing. Kensi then decided to go undercover as a businesswoman, and Deeks decided to bring out his smelly jacket named “Arty” to go undercover as a homeless man in the hopes that either a businessman or a homeless person would shed some light on the mysterious Goodsell.

Meanwhile, G and Sam went to Operations Manager Henrietta Lange (Linda Hunt) in order to ask about Granger and about his current whereabouts. Before she answered them, she revealed to Sam that his daughter had called her, as there was an emergency — she wanted to have lasagna for dinner that night instead of spaghetti. She then told them that Granger had kept her out of the loop regarding this mission and that he was having frozen yogurt with Claude Rains.

Granger, who was seated outside a frozen yogurt shop in front of the star of fame of the actor, Claude Rains, followed a man, Paul Barnes (Daniel Roebuck), the CIA Agent in the photograph into the shop. He then disarmed him and brought him outside to talk. Barnes tried to escape, but Sam and G, who had just arrived on the scene, took him in to the boatshed to be interrogated. There, Granger explained that Barnes had been Goodsell’s handler, and he believed that he had him killed as Goodsell had gone AWOL last November and because Barnes had been in charge of Operation Ghost. Barnes’ connection to Operation Ghost was also one of the reasons why he had kept Hetty in the dark, especially after the fallout that had happened because of Operation Ghost. As Sam and G realized that Granger was too close to the case, they decided to handle it themselves. Inside, they then discovered that Barnes had gone to Los Angeles as Goodsell had contacted him and told him that they needed to meet. He then told them that he had been there as he was going to bring him in back into the CIA. They also discovered that Goodsell had sent him some cell phone pictures of some men and two women. Barnes did not recognize the two women, but he knew that the men were involved with the Pena cartel.

At the Grand Park Food Court, both Kensi and Deeks were having no luck in trying to get someone to identify Goodsell. After Kensi saw a homeless sneak some food from some french fries that had been left behind, she told Deeks that used to live there after her father had died. Deeks tried to lie that he did not know about it but later on revealed that Hetty had told him about it before. Kensi then told him that she didn’t really want to talk about it as during those times, she did not feel like herself and told him that he wouldn’t have wanted to know her when she was like that. After devouring her burger, Kensi noticed that a woman in a red skirt approached a group of DEA agents whom she had been eyeing earlier. She then took a picture of her and then sent it over to Eric for analysis.

At the operations center, they were able to identify the woman in Kensi’s photo as one of the women in the photos that Goodsell had sent Barnes. Her name was Bonnie Flores, and she had been arrested once for prostitution. They also were able to link the fact that Bonnie was going after DEA agents to the extradition to the United States of Mexican cartel leader Domingo Pena, who had been arrested seven months ago. They then realized that she just might be trying to sabotage the extradition. Afterwards, Hetty, whom Granger had finally filled in, told them to come to wardrobe as she had an idea to get Bonnie to come to the boatshed.

At the food court, Kensi was amused to see both Sam and G in suits. They went up near to Bonnie and started to argue about the Pena case. They then invited her over to sit with them, and thanks to her questions, they revealed that they were DEA agents. After they made plans to go out and have some drinks together, they brought her to the boatshed for interrogation. There, she told them that she had been forced to work the park and to gather information regarding Pena’s extradition, after they showed her that the cartel often killed the women who worked for them after they were done with them. She then told them that the other woman, Monica, had only been focused on one particular man — Kevin Turner (Jonathan Chase), who turned out to be the lead prosecutor against Pena. They then discovered that he had called in sick that day as he said that he had a family emergency, even if he did not have any family, as his mother had died and his father wasn’t really around.

Kensi, Deeks, G and Sam then raided Kevin’s house and saved him from Pena’s men. He then told them that the extradition was happening at that very moment, as Pena was currently on his way to Los Angeles. Because of this, they realized that the cartel wanted to free Pena. However, Kevin was not really able to give them any information as he himself did not know any details about Pena’s arrival. He also told them that he had only been to Monica’s place for a couple of dates. Sam and G then brought Kevin to the boatshed while Kensi and Deeks checked Monica’s place. However, when they got there, they discovered that both Monica and her little girl, Amy, were missing.

At the boatshed, they were greeted by DEA Agent Maria Sanchez, who was eager to get Kevin out of there. However, Granger made Sam and G bring Kevin ahead to the Federal Courthouse, where Pena was headed towards as soon as he arrived, as he wanted to talk to talk some more to Sanchez.

Back at headquarters, Sam received a text from his daughter telling him that she had aced her Geometry test but used a lot of emoticons. Afterwards, Eric told them that he had noticed that both Kevin and Goodsell’s patterns seemed to be the same, such as they both ate at the same sushi place. After digging up a little bit more on Kevin, Eric had discovered that Kevin’s mother had live at Ocean Side 33 years ago when Goodsell was assigned at Pendleton. Moreover, he went AWOL a week before she had died and that he had been named in her will and was left an envelope, which probably contained a letter telling him about their son — Kevin. It turned out that he had been watching over his son all this time, but only broke cover when he realized that his son had been approached by a woman involved with the cartel. In addition, as Kensi and Deeks discovered through a picture at Monica’s house that he had spent time with Monica and Amy, the cartel had set Kevin up to be Pena’s assassin. This was further confirmed when Granger told them that Sanchez had revealed that Pena had cut a deal with the DEA — he would was going to give up the names of countless of officials who were also complicit in the drug trade.

Kensi and Deeks tracked down Monica and Amy to an abandoned restaurant in the city and tried to come up with a plan to rescue the pair who were in the cooler, and being guarded by two men with automatic guns.

Sam and G went to the courthouse, where they discovered that Kevin had disappeared. They than ran down to the underground parking lot garage where Pena was going to be brought in. There, they discovered that Kevin had a gun already to Pena’s head. He then told them that if he did not kill Pena, then they would kill both Monica and Amy.

At the restaurant, Kensi told Deeks that she never told Deeks about being homeless as it was the worst period of her life, and she only wanted him “to see the best parts of me.” Suddenly, after seeing the gasoline caps, Deeks realized that he had a plan. He then entered the room and told the armed guards to put down their guns, as they had filled up the room with gasoline. This meant that one single gun shot would blow the entire place up. He then ran out as they threatened him with a meat cleaver. This caused Kensi to shoot so that the entire place would blow up. They were then able to rescue Monica and Amy from the cooler.

At the parking lot, as Kevin would not give up shooting Pena, G ended up shooting Pena in the leg. Before that, they told him the truth about his father and that his father had died trying to warn him about Monica’s abduction. Afterwards, G allowed Kevin to talk to Monica who assured him that they were safe. However, his conversation was cut short by Sam’s daughter who had called G to ask if her father would be home in time to make lasagna. Upon hearing that, Sam ran back home.

Back at headquarters, Hetty forced G to stop working, as everyone had already gone home. He then revealed that he was disturbed by the fact that he had never revealed himself to his son. Hetty then speculated that that was because that was the way that the grey man worked — he never reveals his secrets.

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