NCIS Los Angels Recap: Deep Trouble Part II

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NCIS Los Angels Recap: Deep Trouble Part II
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“NCIS: Los Angeles” Season 6 Episode 1 “Deep Trouble Part II” aired on Monday, Sept. 29, 2014, at 10:00 p.m. on CBS. Special Agents G Callen (Chris O’ Donnell) and Sam Hanna (LL Cool J) discovered the true meaning and purpose of the submarine they were trapped in. They did everything in their power to stop the worst from happening. Meanwhile, the rest of the team raced against time and the Navy search team in order to recover the coke that was unloaded from the submarine and to save G and Sam from being destroyed by the Navy. Read on to learn more about this episode.

Sam and G who were in the submarine try to get connected to the NCIS operations center and to Special Agent Kensi Blye (Daniela Ruah) and Detective Mary Deeks (Eric Christian Olsen), but everything is in vain, as they could not hear them properly. Sam and G were trying to tell them that they were in the submarine and that there were tons of fertilizer within the submarine, turning it into a torpedo. Moreover, they had been locked inside of the holds by three Middle Eastern men.

On the docks, Kensi suggested that they should talk to Michael Wilson, the White Supremacist they had captured earlier so that they could learn more about the submarine. Deeks then suggested that he should go to Wilson’s house and check for more evidence and asked DEA Agent Talia Del Campo (Mercedes Mason) if he could ride with her. However, Kensi changed her mind and instructed Deeks to go to the hospital.

Meanwhile, Operations Manager Hetty Lange (Linda Hunt), who was on her way to the airport to go to Washington, received the news that something was happening to her team. Because of this, she immediately got connected with the NCIS operations center. However, Assistant Director Owen Granger (Miguel Ferrer) told her that they could handle it and asked Technical Operator Eric Beale (Barret Foa) to shut down communications with Hetty. She then forced her driver to bring her back, as she threatened him with her lipstick gun.

Meanwhile, in the submarine, Sam and G noticed that they had dove. After a while, they hit the bottom of some pilings. The problem was that the submarine was really meant for true open water.

Sam, who was a mathlete before, calculated that they were three miles off of the coast of Huntington, while G found some of the batteries of the submarine. They decided to disconnect the batteries so that the submarine crew would have no choice but to resurface to switch to diesel gas. However, their Middle Eastern captors decided to turn off the air and power, where Sam and G was in order to kill them.

Sam and G discovered that the captain’s name was Jabril, and when asked where they were going, Jabril only told them that they were going to Paradise and that “this was jihad.” This made the pair realize that the men on board the ship were in the middle of a suicide mission.

Back at the NCIS operations center, Granger ordered Eric to plot a possible course for the submarine and instructed them to bring in Anderson, the man who had built the submarine. Once Anderson got there, Granger interrogated him thoroughly, but Anderson did not know about the other men who used the submarine after the drugs were unloaded.

At Wilson’s house, Kensi and Talia got into a fight as Kensi had told Talia to “back off from her partner.” Prior to this, Talia was trying to give Kensi some unsolicited relationship advice, as Talia had told her to stop wasting time and to get together with Deeks. Annoyed, she butted Talia in the head, and Talia had punched her back. Then Talia decided to pack up and leave. However, Kensi stopped her as she had found some receipts for 10-15 bags of fertilizer. This made them realize that whoever bought the fertilizer was making a bomb.

Eric was able to find two other stores wherein large amounts of fertilizers were bought. Given that the submarine carried around 10 tons of coke, it meant that the submarine was now a giant torpedo.

In the submarine, Sam calculated that they did not have a lot of air left. They then decided to figure out where the submarine was headed towards. G then realized that the jihadists were going to San Diego, as an aircraft carrier that is nuclear powered, the USS Van Beurin, was there. They then realized that they had to stop the submarine from reaching San Diego as much as they could. They then made the horrifying realization that they had to try to sink the boat.

Meanwhile, at the operations center, despite having to be at Washington, Hetty had come back.

At the hospital, Wilson was being uncooperative. As he was refusing to talk, Deeks told him that he was dying. He also then poured a cup of whiskey into a cup and used it to get Wilson to talk. After a while, Wilson told Deeks that the coke was being cut in a Chinese restaurant by a guy named Worm or Richard Miller. Deeks also found out that the name of the other guy who had bought the submarine was named Jabril. After much agony, Deeks gave the cup to Wilson. However, he had been tricked, as the whiskey was just apple juice, and he was going to survive.

Kensi, Deeks and Talia then raided the Chinese restaurant and were successful in capturing Richard Miller and in securing the coke.

The NCIS team then realized that the target of the submarine was to blow up the USS Van Beurin.

In the submarine, Sam and G tried to figure out a way to sink the submarine. They decided that they needed to soften the metal or the holdings in the hull in order to try to breach it. They accomplished this by short circuiting the batteries and combining it with rust in order to create a thermal runway. As it was not enough to cause a hole in the hull, the hit it with both a fire extinguisher and some grating. This caused a breach in the hull, and water started to flood in.

While the water poured in, G tried to send a message via Morse Code by hitting the hull with an object.

Meanwhile, things were looking worse for Sam and G as Eric had picked up a naval transmission that gave the Navy the orders to destroy the submarine. However, Deeks and Kensi would hear none of it, and Granger secured a helicopter for them so that they could look for G and Sam.

Sam and G were still inside the holding room when a Navy sonar buoy pinged them. The pair realized that the next thing that was going to be released were torpedoes meant to destroy the submarine.

At the bridge, Jabril decided to cut all power and air supply and to divert the power to the engines. As that was not working, they decided to kill Sam and G so that they could open the holding door and manually pump the water out. However, when they opened the holding room door, Sam and G disappeared underwater and were able to defeat the three men and gained control of the submarine. As the torpedo had already been launched, it was only a matter of minutes before they were destroyed alongside the submarine. Therefore, they opened the hatch and swam for the surface.

As the torpedo had blown up the submarine, the entire team thought that it had taken Sam and G along with it. However, much to Kensi’s delight, they found them waving for help, as they had made it to the surface.

At the office, Hetty and Granger shared a drink, and they both admitted that they felt like they were getting “too old” for what they do at NCIS.

In the boathouse, the entire team and Talia gathered together. After a while, Talia left, but not before Kensi had told her something funny. During the entire investigation, the two had bonded over Deeks, which made him uncomfortable. They then drank some beer and shots, toasting to “partners and friends.”

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