NCIS: New Orleans Recap: Breaking Brig

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NCIS: New Orleans Recap: Breaking Brig
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“NCIS: New Orleans” Season 1 Episode 4 “Breaking Brig” aired on Tuesday, Oct. 7, 2014, at 9:00 p.m. on CBS. In this episode, the team went on a manhunt, as they investigated and tracked down three prisoners who escaped from an armored prison transfer bus. However, things became even more grave when one of that escaped prisoners turned out to be an international criminal, who not only sold intelligence that could compromise national security but also knew the identity of the mole or the source that had been feeding him the intelligence. Read on to learn more about this episode.

The episode began with a group of teenaged girls on a road trip to New Orleans. However, they are almost missed by an armored prisoner transfer bus that fell off the road and rolled over, allowing three prisoners to escape from the bus.

On the road to their crime scene, Special Agents Christopher La Salle (Lucas Black), Meredith “Merri” Brody (Zoe McLellan) and Special Agent Dwayne “King” Pride talked about the things they would do to pass the time on family car road trips. La Salle would play Punch Buggy with his brother, and Brody revealed that for her, family road trips meant being dropped off at boarding school come September. Pride then got a call from his wife, which he had sent to voice mail as she had wanted them to go to couple’s therapy.

At the crime scene, they were met by Lieutenant Addy Watkins, who briefed them about what had happened. According to the report, the armored transport prisoner bus carried four naval brig detainees who were being transferred from New Orleans to Charleston at 8:30 a.m. However, the bus had gone off the road, rolled over once and landed in the glass. Based on the body count, there were three people dead — a guard, the driver and a prisoner — and three that were unaccounted for. After they had escaped, they commandeered the car of the three teenage girls but had not harmed them.

Medical examiner Loretta Wade (CCH Pounder) discovered that the guards had been shot, and one of the guard’s guns had been stolen, but the prisoner’s cause of death was unclear.

Watkins then informed them that based on the prisoner manifest, the three unaccounted for prisoners were Lieutenant Ted Nash, Seaman Recruit Levon Dalton and a prisoner who only went by the anagram Matt S.O. Feeney, which stood for Enemy of the State.

After talking to Director Leon Vance (Rocky Carroll) and Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs (Mark Harmon), Pride discovered that the mysterious prisoner was Dimitri Babakov. This man was on the Interpol watch list as he smuggles, deals arms and sells information to the highest bidder. He was captured three weeks ago and was placed in the brig of the USS Birmingham, which was headed towards New Orleans. He was then supposed to be transferred to Charleston so that they could interrogate him. Pride was then ordered to find Babakov and to bring him in alive.

In order to understand what had happened and who might have been with and planned his escape with, they turned their attentions on Lieutenant Nash and Seaman Recruit Dalton. It turned out that Dalton did have a couple of brushes with the law and was in the Birmingham brig because he had assaulted his commanding officer. Nash, a naval architect, had a spotless record and only landed in the brig as he had gotten into a fight in a bar in New Orleans when he was on liberty. A visit to Nash’s fiancée revealed that he was a good person, but he had trust issues, which she thought came about due to the fact that he had traveled around the world as a kid as he was an army brat, until his father was permanently stationed in Hong Kong.

At the USS Birmingham, Brody and La Salle discovered that Babakov and Dalton were in adjoining cells and that they could communicate with each other via air vent, which led them to believe that both Dalton and Babakov had planned the escape.

At the morgue, Sebastian Lund (Rob Kerkovich) informed Pride that as the dead prisoner was big in build, it would make sense that his killer would be Dalton, as he was also a big man. Based on a simulation that he made, he deduced that in the bus, Dalton had strangled the dead prisoner, which lured the guard out to the back, where he was shot by Babakov. However, their viewing session was interrupted as Pride had just discovered that a convertible they were looking for was found near Pearl River, near an abandoned hut.

They were told that gunshots had been heard from the house, and a State Trooper had been killed. However, the trooper was able to fire a shot at his assailant and had succeeded in injuring him.

The house was empty save a little boy, who hid in the closet when he heard two men coming in. He told Pride that one of them had a foreign accent and that they were talking about “how long it would take to get to the grave.” As Babakov knew three different languages, he had them run the word “grave” on those three languages. They were then informed that Dalton was on the move, and he was going to the hospital, where he surrendered to them quickly. However, they did find it a little bit strange that he had gone to the hospital without having any injuries.

On the way to Alabama, La Salle relished the fact that he was in his home state, while Brody revealed that since she had moved around so much, she did not really have a home. However, Pride reminded them both that “home is not about the place, but the people.”

Meanwhile, at the morgue, Sebastian and Loretta pondered over why both the dead prisoner and the State Trooper showed that they had problems in the larger intestine, a condition that should not have happened to two people who clearly did not have any stomach problems.

During interrogation, Dalton told them that he did not plan any escape with Babakov. He informed them that on the way to Charleston, where they were being transferred, he had fallen asleep and had woken up when the bus went over. Then he discovered that Nash and Babakov had escaped and took advantage of the situation. However, even if he did know anything, he would not readily tell them any information as they had no incentive to give him. However, La Salle discovered that Dalton had gone to the hospital to see his mother, who had stage four cancer, and promised to let him see her if he told them what he knew. Dalton then revealed to them that Babakov had bragged about a “get out of jail free card” the entire time.

Upstairs, they finally got a hit on facial recognition for Babakov and Nash at a train station. As Nash had showed the camera an old symbol used in the navy which meant danger or distress on his arm, they deduced that he was being used as a human shield. Pride, wanting to find out the truth about everything, decided to take a look again at the interrogation files on Babakov, only to find one document that was entirely redacted.

In order to make sense of things, he decided to pay a visit to Gibbs in the middle of the Atlantic ocean, on a ship, where he was given a document.

Meanwhile, at the morgue, Sebastian informed Brody and La Salle that the State Trooper and the dead prisoner had large intestine problems due to the fact that whoever had killed them had used Dim Mak. Dim Mak was an ancient Chinese martial art in which the strikes hit pressure points to confuse and to disorient their opponents. The particular strike that had caused the intestinal problems were caused by a particular strike which caused the victim’s blood flow to change, which, in turn, affected the intestine. Dim Mak was also usually taught to men of smaller stature so that they could defeat bigger opponents. They then realized that Nash had spent his childhood in Hong Kong and could have learned Dim Mak there. They had initially ruled him out at first because the dead prisoner was bigger than he was. Pride then came to inform them that Babakov’s mole was Nash. As he was a naval architect, he had access to ship schematics and weapons systems that could compromised national security. They then concluded that since he had heard that Babakov had been arrested, he was afraid that his own cover would be blown and tried to get to Babakov first.

As they got a tip that Babakov and Nash had been seen near the train station at Moss Point, Mississippi, they headed there, only to find that Babakov had been killed.

At headquarters, Director Vance told them that they were to bring in Nash alive so that they could question him. At the same time, La Salle realized that the word “grave” corresponded to a ship graveyard, and there was one near Moss Point, where Nash could have gotten an escape boat to flee the country.

The team then decided to block his way towards the ship graveyard. However, as he had caught sight of them, he ran into an abandoned building, where he defeated La Salle and used Brody as a human shield to try to force Pride into putting down his gun, or else he would kill Brody. Pride, putting Brody’s life over Nash’s, shot him in the head. However, Director Vance was furious at his disobedience and told him that there would be a formal inquiry regarding the matter.

As Addy packed up to return to the naval base, La Salle asked why they had not dated yet. However, they both concluded that they were better off as friends since their jobs would put them in close proximity towards each other, and it would become awkward.

Afterwards, Pride called up his wife and told her that he was finally ready to begin couple’s therapy to make their marriage work.

After La Salle and Brody fulfilled their promise to Dalton, instead of letting La Salle tour around Alabama, Brody insisted on coming back to the office. The three, La Salle, Brody and Pride, enjoyed a couple of beers, while they cooked boiled shrimp.

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