NCIS New Orleans Recap: Careful What You Wish For

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NCIS New Orleans Recap: Careful What You Wish For
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NCIS: New Orleans” Season 1 Episode 14 “Careful What You Wish For” aired last Tuesday, Feb. 10, 2015 at 9:00 p.m. on CBS. In this episode, a NCIS agent on the same protective detail team with NCIS Special Agent Meredith “Merri” Brody (Zoe McLellan) got shot. Now, an investigation was started regarding her actions on the USS Moltrey, which was the reason why she transferred to New Orleans. Meanwhile, their investigation into NCIS Special Agent Austin Hackett (Jay Jablonski) revealed that sometimes ambition is more important to a person over flesh and blood. Read on to learn more about this episode.

The episode began with NCIS Special Agent Meredith “Merri” Brody (Zoe McLellan) with NCIS Special Agent Austin Hackett (Jay Jablonski) in a van. They were part of the NCIS Security Detail of one Admiral Pack. Along the way, Brody learned that Hackett had been born and grew up in New Orleans. It was why he had specifically asked to be on that detail.

Despite the fact that there were many protestors outside the courthouse, the admiral decided to enter it through the main entrance. There, Brody though that she saw a man reach inside his jacket for a gun, but all he pulled out was a cellphone. Right after that, a shot was fired, and Agent Hackett fell to the ground as he had gotten shot. Later on, NCIS Special Agent Dwayne “King” Pride (Scott Bakula), NCIS Special Agent Christopher La Salle (Lucas Black) and Medical Examiner Dr. Loretta Wade (CCH Pounder) came to the crime scene. Brody told them that she believed that the shot had come from the yellow building across the street from the courthouse.

Back at the New Orleans office, La Salle and Brody told Pride and Security Team Leader Anson (Richard T. Jones) that their sweep and canvass of the building and area had left them empty handed. They told that they were now running facial recognition on the protestors. They discovered that the union workers who had been protesting at the courthouse were shipyard workers who had been stripped of their jobs. It was after the admiral gave the workload of “the Destroyer” to Charleston instead of them. NCIS Special Agent Patton Plame (Daryl Mitchell) then showed them that an email with a picture of the admiral with a target on his face had been sent from the union office. La Salle and Pride then went to meet the union head. The man instructed his secretary to give them access to all of their computers at the union office.

Meanwhile, Brody stayed behind. Anson wanted to interview her about what had happened. He asked her why she had hesitated to shoot the bomber, Jerry Hooper, in the incident on the USS Moltrey. It was the incident that made her transfer from NCIS office to NCIS office.  However, she didn’t want to remember any of what had happened in there. She told him that since her hesitation had not been ruled as essential to the bombing, she told him to reinvestigate the case if she wanted, and refused to say another word.

Back at the office, Loretta informed them that whoever had shot Hackett was a hunter or had hunting experience. La Salle then discovered that a man named Shane Tash, who had a hunting license, had sent the email with the picture of the admiral with a target. They then arrested him, but discovered that his hunting guns and bullets didn’t match the one that was pulled out of Hackett.

At the laboratory, Patton and Sebastian Lund (Rob Kerkovich) showed a simulation to Pride that showed that the intended target wasn’t the admiral, but Hackett. After looking into his files, La Salle and Brody discovered that there were several things in his phone records that stood out. There was a call to the Rebirth Boxing Gym, a call and several calls coming in and outgoing to Senator William Clane  (Ron Melendez). The records also include a call from Colorado that was dated the day that he started lobbying to join Admiral Pack’s detail. He was really supposed to be protecting someone else in San Diego the week that he had die in New Orleans.

Pride and Brody went to pay a visit to Senator Clane. Along the way, Pride mused if Brody was going to transfer to another NCIS office again. Her old case regarding the Moltrey had shown up again, and as Hanson wanted to take her off the protective detail list. It seemed to him that all she did was try to run from that particular incident whenever it was brought up.

At the senator’s office, the senator revealed that he and his chief of staff were good friends back when they were in high school. He mentioned that one of their friends, David Mokus, who owned Rebirth Boxing Gym, might want to kill Hackett. Hackett had testified against him even if they were friends, as Mokus had become a gunrunner. It was his way of showing “tough love.” At the boxing gym, David Mokus told La Salle that Hackett had wanted to buy an untraceable small gun for someone. It was for a woman named Regan Norris, who was a really close friend of Hackett’s during high school. Today, she had one son, and was married to a man named Alec Norris.

Afterwards, Brody and La Salle went over to a bar where they had bought some food with their credit cards. There, the waitress told them that she had seen Hackett drop a small gun into Regan’s bag. The bar’s surveillance camera footage showed them that Alec Norris (Scott Michael Campbell) had confronted the pair right outside the bar.

After discovering that Alec had a hunting license, they decided to pay their house a visit. There, they discovered that it was empty, and it looked like someone had left in a hurry. They also noticed hospital equipment, as it turned out that Dylan, their son had blood and liver cancer. Brody then told Loretta that they would get her a warrant so that she could take a closer look at Dylan’s medical files. Afterwards, she noticed that something was wrong with Brody, and told her that she would listen to whatever was bothering her. She then told Loretta all about the incident on the USS Multrey. She told her that she had been obsessing over that one mistake that she had done for around eight years already, and that there was a “difference between running away and trying to put something behind you.” Loretta reminded her that sometimes, if one kept on avoiding that thing that one was trying to run away from, sometimes, it may cause some people to wonder about it.

Patton then discovered that the reason why Hackett had been called by a Colorado number. It was because Regan had called from a different phone, and made it seem that she was there thanks to a website that helps people who are having extra-marital affairs. Thanks to this, they were able to locate Regan’s cellphone at a nearby motel. There, they discovered that the room was empty, but as the drawer was misplaced, they moved it, and discovered bleached out blood stains on the carpet. On a hunch, Pride called up Regan’s phone, which allowed them to discover her body in a dumpster.

At the morgue, Loretta informed Pride that she had died as she had been hit, then fell, and hit her head on the drawer, which had killed her. Also, she had died the night that she had met Hackett at the bar. Loretta also mentioned that what was strange in Dylan’s medical files was that both Alec and Regan didn’t match Dylan’s blood type. However, Alec appeared with Dylan and told them that that was because Dylan wasn’t his biological son. He had gone there to the morgue because he had just arrived and discovered that Regan was dead.

Later, at the New Orleans office, Alec told Pride that he had learned that Dylan wasn’t his son when they got themselves tested a month ago to see if they were a match to Dylan. Afterwards, he suspected her of having an affair with Hackett. They have started meeting up always, without him knowing, which was why he attacked him outside the bar. After they had denied that they were having an affair with each other, in order to avoid anyone getting hurt, he and Dylan went camping. Dylan liked camping, and because Alec needed to clear his head. When he had come back, he had found out that both Hackett and Regan were dead, which devastated him. He then told them that he had no motive to actually kill Hackett. He believed that Hackett could save Dylan’s life as he might be Dylan’s father.

However, after Sebastian ran a test, it was revealed that Hackett was not Dylan’s father. Brody then went over to the bar where Clane was giving Hackett’s eulogy. It turned out that he had been the last person that Regan had called on her cellphone. After obtaining his prints and DNA from a shot glass at the bar, they brought him in. They had discovered that the Senator was the father of Dylan. Hackett had been calling him up as Regan knew that the only person who would be able to convince Clane to help save his son was Hackett. However, Clane had them killed as this would greatly affect his career. It was especially as he was planning to run for governor. Brody couldn’t understand how he could do this to his own son, and Pride mentioned that sometimes, all a person needed to do was to face things “head on.”

Afterwards, Alec was told that Hackett had died to try to save Dylan’s life. They then went home after learning that the senator was getting his blood tested at the hospital so that he could help save Dylan’s life.

Afterwards, Brody told Hanson that she would continue the interrogation inside their interrogation room. She told him that she was ready to say her piece, for the sake of the five men who had died there, for Hackett, and for her dead twin sister, who had died in a car accident because of a drunk driver a few days before the incident. It turned out that she had hesitated because Jerry Hooper’s eyes were bright blue, and those eyes had reminded her of her dead twin sister. Pride, outside the interrogation room, muted the sound inside and praised her silently for facing her own demons head on.

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