‘NCIS: New Orleans’ Recap: ‘Insane In The Membrane’

By Kitin Miranda | 2 years ago
‘NCIS: New Orleans’ Recap: ‘Insane In The Membrane’
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“NCIS: New Orleans” Season 1 Episode 6 “Insane in the Membrane” aired last Tuesday, October 27, 2015 at 9:00 PM on CBS. In this episode, old and haunting memories were revisited by NCIS Agent Sonja Percy (Shalita Grant), while investigating the drug related death of a Navy Petty Officer. Meanwhile, ghosts of the past came back to haunt NCIS Special Agent Meredith “Merri” Brody (Zoe McLellan) after more pictures came in, which later on led to a shocking discovery, thanks to Forensic Scientist Sebastian Lund’s (Rob Kerkovich) regarding the matter. Read on to learn more about Brody and Sonja’s past, and about the case of the week.

The episode began with the annual Red Dress Run, in which everyone, including the men, wore red dresses, and where Councilman Dogulas Hamilton (Steven Weber), managed to insert a campaign advertisement before firing the start gun.

During the run, a woman ran screaming for help as she claimed that a gunman was after her, and ended up falling off the roof of the building.

Later, the NCIS team identified her as Petty Officer Second Class Kelsey Weaver (Caroline Herbert), who, oddly enough, had a temperature of a 104 degrees, and who hadn’t really been chased by anyone, as all of the witnesses and the security footage of the area showed that there was no one running after her.

They then began to suspect that this was drug related, which Dr. Loretta Wade (CCH Pounder) confirmed. However, the more disturbing part was that the death of Weaver was caused by an overdose of a lethal drug called flacca that had caused several deaths in Hamilton’s district already.


They then visited the USS Henry Knox, Weaver’s ship, and talked to Petty Officer Sofia Velez (Camille Balsamo), who told them that Weaver had partied with a friend the night beforehand, and had bought the drugs from a man that was later identified as Anthony Cousins (Tim J. Smith).

Before heading out to the party, NCIS Special Agent Dwayne “King” Pride (Scott Bakula) and NCIS Special Agent Christopher La Salle (Lucas Black) paid Hamilton a visit, as his assistant had allowed the party to happen, but he assured them that he had nothing to do with it.

La Salle, Brody and Sonja then later confronted Cousins who fought them off, and the next day, they found him garrotted in a park, which Sebastian realized, was the same modus operandi used in several killings spanning over a decade. According to him, their suspect was called “The Ghost,” and was linked to the Triads, who manufactured the flacca. However, thanks to the fact that Loretta had managed to get some perspiration off of the garrotte; Sebastian began to use a software that could use the DNA found in the sweat to construct their suspect’s face, whom they later identified as Roger Liu (Nelson Lee).

King became suspicious of Hamilton again after learning that Hamilton had visited Liu before, but according to Hamilton, he had gone to him to ask for campaign support and had been turned down.

Meanwhile, they raided the stash house of a gang who supplied flacca, and managed to get their boss, Kendrick Lewis (Lawrence Adimora) agree to set up a meeting with Sonja, who was going to go undercover.

She was then brought face to face with Liu, but to her surprise, he shot Kendrick and asked her to garrotte him. Right before she did, she managed to knock them both underwater, and were saved from their bullets thanks to the timely arrival of the NCIS team.

She then told Pride that she found it strange that Liu didn’t want any payment right off the bat, which caused them to look a little bit more closely at Liu’s funds.

It turned out that he was being paid by Hamilton’s rival in the mayoral elections to Mr. Vinjay Singh (Sunil Malhotra) to supply flacca in Hamilton’s district, as that would look bad for him.

During the episode, NCIS Special Agent Meredith “Merri” Brody (Zoe McLellan) gave Sebastian another batch of pictures that had arrived for her.


Later, he discovered that each picture had a hidden number, which, when put together, gave up the IP address of an unsolved murders website, which claimed that the death of her twin sister, Emily Anne, hadn’t been an accident, but a murder.

At Pride’s bar, Sonja opened up to him and told him that she had gotten bothered by the case as it reminded her of the time, when she was in high school, in which she and two of her friends had bought some coke, which, unknown to them, had been laced with pesticides. This landed one of them in the hospital and the other one in the morgue.

After hearing his advice, Sonja passed by a stash house, told one of the men inside to tell her friend, Marion, to call her some time.

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