NCIS: New Orleans Recap: It Happened Last Night

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NCIS: New Orleans Recap: It Happened Last Night
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NCIS: New Orleans” Season 1 Episode 5 “It Happened Last Night” aired last Tuesday, Oct.21, 2014 at 9:00 pm on CBS. In this episode, an investigation of a dead marine led to an investigation on a kidnapping of a New Orleans aristocrat. Read on to learn more about the episode.

The episode began with a couple on their honeymoon on a bayou boat tour. Unfortunately for them, their tour got cut short as they stumbled across the body of a dead marine.

At the New Orleans NCIS headquarters, Special Agent Christopher La Salle (Lucas Black) informed Special Agent Meredith “Merri” Brody (Zoe McLellan) that he had run into an old Chicago colleague of hers, Logan Rolths. Disturbed, she then asked him if he had told him about the time they went “skinny dipping at Lake Michigan. La Salle did not reply as they had just received a text message from their boss, Special Agent Dwayne “King” Pride (Scott Bakula). They were ordered to go to the bayou as there was a dead marine there.

At the bayou, Pride met up with their medical examiner, Dr. Loretta Wade (CCH Pounder). As he noticed that Loretta was not in a good mood, he asked her if everything was alright. He then learned that she had just broken up with her boyfriend, James and refused to talk more about it.

She then informed him that the victim was Chief Warrant Officer William Reed, who used to work for counterintelligence at Guantanamo. They also informed his wife and Pride that there was a contusion on his forehead.  The victim probably got it close to his time of death, which would be in between 6:00 to 9:00 p.m.

At his office, Pride, Brody and La Salle were told that he was an outstanding officer and a true blue patriot. Reed had dropped out of law school after the 9/11 attacks and had done two tours in Afghanistan before he worked “the most sensitive detainees" at Guantanamo.

At the morgue, Sebastian Lund (Rob Kerkovich) informed Pride that the water he had found in Reed’s lungs did not match the chemical analysis of the water in the bayou where he was found. The discovery led them to believe that he had been killed somewhere else before the killer dumped the body in the bayou. Sebastian then informed him that they had found black cotton fibers in Reed’s mouth and nose, which were consistent with the bruising they had found on his nose and lips. Somebody had covered his nose and mouth while the killer lifted up his legs above his head while water was poured into him. This had all the hallmarks of being waterboarded.  

Because the situation had become a delicate matter, as whoever had waterboarded Reed might be sending a message that prisoners could get away with exacting revenge on the marines by waterboarding them, Pride called up Director Leon Vance (Rocky Carroll), who promised all the resources and back up from Washington that he needed. The problem was that half of those Reed had dealt with had already been released from Guantanamo.

However, what was strange was the fact that his death was on radio silence on all channels from the FBI to the CIA. If the killer was out for retribution, and wanted to make a statement, he would have already made some noise by now. However, their speculation was cut short when they cannot contact Reed’s wife, Marilyn.

At the house, Pride decided to check the back while Brody and La Salle continued to ring the doorbell in the front. As they waited, Brody asked La Salle if Logan had told him about her sister’s bachelorette party, but he told her that that was not the story Logan had told him. They were interrupted when Pride told them that the back door had been forced open.

Inside they discovered that there had been signs of a struggle. They were then surprised by Helaine Morgan (Dorian Brown), a casino dealer and the Reed’s neighbor, who had gone inside to check if things were okay when the NCIS arrived. She then informed them that she hadn’t noticed anything unusual lately, except for a blue or black car with a medallion on its hood that she had seen a day ago.

As they looked over the house, Pride and La Salle found some blood on a stone fountain, and a black glove consistent with the black cotton fibers Sebastian had found, in the plants near the fountain. Pride and La Salle then concluded that Reed had been surprised by his attacker, and was driven towards the fountain, where he hit his head on the fountain. His legs then had been lifted, so that Reed’s head could go into the water, which would make it seem like he was waterboarded even if he really wasn’t. Meanwhile, Brody had seen a picture of Marilyn with Oliver Huntington (Gabriel Olds), who belonged to New Orleans aristocracy. After a quick search, La Salle found out that Marilyn was Oliver’s younger sister. Pride and Brody then left to pay Oliver a visit, while La Salle canvassed the neighborhood for the dark colored car that Helaine had mentioned.

At Oliver Huntington’s house, Oliver was devastated to hear that his brother-in-law had died. He revealed that Marilyn was at a yoga retreat, leading a healthier lifestyle. Lately, she hired a personal trainer because she had always been sickly and had a lot of allergies. He also told them Marilyn had given up all their wealth in order to be with Reed. As he could not find the contact information of the retreat place, Pride and Brody returned to the laboratory.

At the laboratory, they learned that based on the security camera footage that Oliver Huntington, who owned a black car with a medallion on its hood had been near the Reed house the other day. However, when they tried to confront him, he tried to escape. When they finally caught him, he revealed that Marilyn had been kidnapped and that he had to pay a $ 3 million dollar ransom. He was also told not talk to the police, or else, his sister would be killed. He then showed them the text message and proof of life video that was attached to it. Pride then instructed then instructed Sebastian to over the video to look for any clues, and to clone Oliver’s phone so that they would know if the kidnappers contact Oliver again. He also instructed La Salle to contact FBI Agent Tobias Fornell (Jon Spano), whose expertise was kidnappings, and told Brody and La Salle to broaden the search, and to search around the Reed’s neighborhood again.

Oliver, who wanted to pay the ransom so that he would be able to see his sister again, informed Pride that the family lawyer, Bernard Lanier (David Burke) was collecting the ransom money as they spoke.

Lanier was not very helpful at first, as Oliver had a habit of trying to collect his trust fund money in advance, and had told outrageous stories to get it, as his money was only given to him every five years. However, Lanier became more cooperative when he learned that Reed had died as a result of the kidnapping.

Meanwhile, they learned from Helaine that Marilyn’s new personal trainer, Rance, had called and visited her often, and had declared bankruptcy a month beforehand, which they saw as a motive.

Brody then interrogated him and used psychological torture on him, as she ate a cupcake in front of Rance while she questioned him. Pride then explained to Fornell that based on some of Rance’s Youtube videos, Brody has discovered that Rance had a weight problem before, and that “cupcakes were his kryptonite."

However, Brody told them that he did not do it, and this was confirmed by Fornell, as the linguistic analysis of Rance’s speech did not match the text message. Based on the text message, Fornell told them that they were looking for a well-educated Caucasian from the South, who had a six figure income, and was very patient and meticulous.

Meanwhile, Sebastian looked over the proof of life video with his new high-resolution scanner. He then concluded that what they had thought was a bruise on Marilyn’s eye was actually the beginning stages of a hive, as she had been exposed to something she had been allergic to. After Loretta tried the scanner on Reed’s body, she discovered that aquatic fungi for sweet bay magnolias had been growing in his cuticles. Based on this, she had created a map of where those flowers could be found. Based on this, she was able to figure out where the body’s entry point into the bayou was, and she had sent the map to La Salle and Brody who were on their way to investigate the area.

As they walked through the seemingly deserted area, Brody asked La Salle if Logan had told him about their vacation trip to Cancun. However, La Salle cut her short as there was a house in front of them, and whoever lived there could probably have seen the killer dumping Reed’s body. However, they were held at gunpoint by the man renting the property, Albert Fontenot as they had not seen the “No Trespassing” sign. La Salle, though, was able to overpower him, and handcuffed him to his own truck when they learned that he was creating ‘moonshine’. After finding the specific spot where the body had entered the river, the learned that Oliver Huntington was the owner of the property that Albert had rented.

At interrogation, Oliver claimed that did not know who Albert was, and did not know that he had rented out that particular property. They then questioned him about his motives, as he had been known to tell stories to the family lawyer in order to get his trust money in advance. However, they ruled him out as a suspect as a text message from the kidnappers had come, and moved up the deadline to one hour. After informing them that Lanier was the one who brokered the purchase of his properties, they realized that Lanier fit the description of Fornell’s linguistic analysis. They were also able to find evidence that Lanier had forged Oliver Huntington’s signature on the lease of that particular property to Albert Fontenot.

However, when they got to Lanier’s office, they discovered that he had killed himself and that he had already wired the money.

Just as everything seemed lost, Sebastian told them that the audio analysis of the proof of life video had picked up sprinklers or misters that are usually used in plant nurseries and greenhouses, and that wherever she was, Marilyn had an allergic reaction to something nearby. They then discovered that Huntington had a property with greenhouses on it, and upon searching the place, they learned that orchids, to which Marilyn was allergic to have been growing there. They were then able to rescue her as they found her in a supply shed. However, Pride was still disturbed as it did not make sense that Lanier transferred the money before killing himself.

After a little digging, Pride confronted Helaine, who was all set to leave town on a seaplane. She then admitted that it had been Bernard’s idea and that he had had a gambling problem, and had fallen in love with her as he frequented the casino. Nobody was supposed to get hurt, but Reed had come home early that day.

Back at the office, Brody, fed up with La Salle’s silence, asked him what exactly Logan had told him. He then revealed that Logan hadn’t told him anything and that she was just had by him, even if she was a good interrogator. To make it up to her, La Salle revealed that he had once worn a miniskirt in college to please a girlfriend of his who liked men who wore skirts. Brody then revealed that even before La Salle had told her that he had met Logan, that she had had breakfast with him, and knew that Logan did not tell him anything, and that all the stories she told were lies, as a tool of a good interrogator is to “let the subject feel like he is in control, when in reality, you are."

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