NCIS: New Orleans Recap: The Walking Dead

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
NCIS: New Orleans Recap: The Walking Dead
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“NCIS: New Orleans” Season 1 Episode 14 “The Walking Dead” aired last Tuesday, Feb. 3, 2015, at 9 PM on CBS. In this episode, the team, with the help of Coast Guard Special Agent Abigail Borin (Diane Neal), investigated how dying Navy Lieutenant Commander Lin (Russell Wong) got poisoned by a radioactive substance. In the process, they discovered that the culprit was someone who they thought wasn’t capable of committing murder, and it allowed Lin to make amends with his older brother, Cam Lin (BD Wong). Read on to learn more about this episode.

The episode opened with Navy Lieutenant Commander Gabriel Lin (Russell Wong) running around Jackson Square with a colleague. After he suddenly collapsed, his colleague called for an ambulance.

At the New Orleans NCIS office, NCIS Special Agent Dwayne “King” Pride (Scott Bakula) was surprised to see Navy Lieutenant Commander Gabriel Lin, the chief naval therapist, there. He then informed Pride that he had been poisoned with Polonium 210 and that his dying wish was for Pride to solve his murder before he actually died. He then gave NCIS Special Agent Christopher La Salle (Lucas Black) and NCIS Special Agent Meredith Brody (Zoe McLellan) a list of all of his current and past patients and anyone he could think would want to hurt him. They then went to cross-reference all the names with those who had access to something like Polonium. However, in order to determine where and when he had been poisoned so that they could see where he had been on that day, they paid a visit to Dr. Loretta Wade (CCH Pounder), who felt uncomfortable as she had to perform a live autopsy on him.

While he was on the slab, he informed Loretta that even if he was in denial, he wanted to know how his sickness would progress. She then told him that he was going to experience some dizzy spells and nausea before his major organs start shutting down. On the way back to the NCIS office, he revealed to Pride that he was not close to his older brother Cam Lin (BD Wong) anymore, ever since their father had died a few months back due to cancer, because Cam had taken care of him while he was in Afghanistan. He then reminded Pride about what he had told him when he had found out the truth about his own father and told him that he knew that his brother was not a murderer.

At the laboratory, Sebastian Lund (Rob Kerkovich) informed them that they could actually extract lethal doses of Polonium 210 from an industrial fan. Afterwards, he gave them a Geiger counter, which would make a sound if it was near Polonium. They then brought the counter to Lin’s office where Brody discovered no traces of Polonium. She was surprised to see that Doctor Sam Wilkins (Eyal Podell) was there as he had been transferred from South Carolina, and invited her out to have some coffee sometime. La Salle then came and informed Brody that one of Lin’s former patients, Dominic Cole, had been disgruntled with Lin as he had discharged him. Cole had been with the Coast Guard and had handled chemicals, weapons and bombs. He was bright with those things but was very unstable and had been caught buying Polonium 210 online. Since they were dealing with an ex-Coast Guard member, Brody called in Coast Guard Special Agent Abigail Borin (Diane Neal), who told them that the Coast Guard had been monitoring him and couldn’t wait to get their hands on him.

They then tracked him down to a place near an industrial plant. There, they chased him and arrested him after he tried to get away with his car. However, after interrogating him, they discovered that he was not Lin’s murderer.

Back at the laboratory, Sebastian and Loretta informed them that the Polonium 210 they had found in Cole’s house did not match up with the Polonium in Lin’s system. Loretta then informed Pride that she had calculated that he had been poisoned fifteen days ago, and had discovered the exact date of when Lin was going to die. After informing Lin of this, he informed Pride that he had eaten dinner alone at a restaurant and had gone to his father’s loft in the city. Accordin to Loretta, he had fourteen days left to live.

At his loft, Brody, La Salle and Abigail scanned the entire area, only to find that the Polonium had been injected into his toothpaste, which they brought back to Sebastian, who, after testing it, informed them that the Polonium had come straight from a nuclear reactor with radiopharmaceutical capabilities.

Afterwards, Pride met up with Lin and informed him that they had actually dug into Cam Lin, and discovered that he was suing Lin regarding their father’s land in Taiwan. Pride then informed Lin that it looked like the land’s value had gone up and that OMNICORE Development had wanted to buy that piece of land. However, Lin was surprised as he didn’t know anything about this. Pride also told Lin that Cam had access to Polonium as Polonium actually powers the grills of the oil company that Cam works for.

They then went over to Cam’s house, where Cam was shocked to learn that Lin was now suspecting him of being his murderer. He claimed that he didn’t know that the land’s price had gone up and that OMNICORE wanted the land, and told them that he hadn’t been anywhere near his father’s loft or near his brother.

Pride and La Salle then confronted Mr. Zarate, one of the managers at OMNICORE, who claimed that they had not reached out to the Lins regarding their land, which was right in the middle of their development. Meanwhile, at the office, Dr. Wilkins came over and told Brody that he had seen Cam in their office’s parking. Abigail then informed Brody that she had discovered that Cam actually had direct access to Polonium, which made it easier for them to get a warrant to search his house.

While they searched his house, Cam got a bottle of water from the refrigerator to drink. However, La Salle stopped him just in time, as the Geiger counter had started acting up as soon as he had brought out the bottle. It turned out the water bottles were laced with Polonium. They then informed them that the water bottles were usually delivered right at their doorstep. After taking a look at surveillance footage near their house, Brody discovered that an OMNICORE employee had actually stopped by the house recently.

At the laboratory, Sebastian informed Pride that he had found the source of Polonium — the South River Nuclear Station, which only gave Polonium to George Plastics, the company of Mrs. Dawn Lin’s (Anne Dudek) father. After taking a look at her car, they discovered amounts of Polonium there. It turned out that she had learned from the OMNICORE employee who visited that Lin’s land sat in the middle of the development. However, they couldn’t touch it since the two brothers were fighting over it. As she wanted to be independent from her father, she then decided to kill two birds with one stone so that she could get a good payday.

Afterwards, before Abigail left, she told Pride that the entire case made her think about her life choices and told him that she might just train to become an NCIS Agent, as all it took was eight weeks of training for her to transfer to any branch she wanted. Meanwhile, La Salle decided to go sky diving, even if he was afraid of heights, and Brody decided to call up Dr. Wilkins.

Pride then met up with Lin and Cam, who were still in shock, and watched as the two brothers enjoyed a run with each other, one last time.

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