NCIS: New Orleans Recap: Watch Over Me

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NCIS: New Orleans Recap: Watch Over Me
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“NCIS: New Orleans” Season 1 Episode 7 “Watch Over Me” aired on Tuesday, Nov. 11, 2014,  at 9:00 p.m. on CBS.  In this episode, an investigation into the death of a Navy commander brought the entire team into the world of high technology that was worth dying for. Read on to learn more about this episode. 

The episode opened with a Navy officer, who got run off the road by a black sedan. The Navy officer’s SUV ran into a construction site, where he was killed as a bunch of rebars punctured his chest and his car, which burst into flames.

At the NCIS: New Orleans headquarters, Special Agent Christopher La Salle (Lucas Black) watched as Special Agent Dwayne “King” Pride (Scott Bakula) tried to fix the engine of the first car that he had bought his wife, Linda Pride (Paige Turco). He insisted to La Salle that he knew what he was doing and refused to get the number of La Salle’s mechanic. They were interrupted by Special Agent Meredith “Merri” Brody (Zoe McLellan), who told them that they had to get to a crime scene.

At the crime scene, they learned that there were two cars that were speeding at 9:30 a.m., and that one of the cars, which belonged to the late Commander Darby Wilson, who worked for the Office of Naval Research (ONR), had been forced into a construction site where he was punctured in the chest by a rebar, which medical examiner Dr. Loretta Wade (CCH Pounder) confirmed.  They also found a small pouch near the body, with an empty silver locket that had been purchased the night beforehand. Loretta found it strange that the commander was barefoot. They were also able to find a cell phone with GPS, which they could use in order to figure out where the commander had been prior to his death.

At the commander’s house, Pride and La Salle went in with their guns drawn as his door was open and as there was blood on the pavement leading into the house. The house was clear. However, they found it strange that blood was dripping from the chandelier. Upstairs, right above the chandelier, they found the body of the commander’s personal assistant, Rebecca Ortega, bleeding out in the bathtub. After Loretta examined the body, they discovered that Rebecca had been shot in the head and in the neck and was murdered around fifteen or thirty minutes before the commander had been killed. While they went out of the house, La Salle tried to give Pride the number of his mechanic, but Pride still refused to take it.

Outside, they were able to question the Wilsons' neighbor, who informed them that Wilson and his wife, Katherine, often fought and that Rebecca often stayed late at the commander’s house. Brody also informed them that she had discovered that a man had murdered Rebecca and possibly the commander, as she found shoe prints that were too big to be a woman's at the areas with blood spatter. This caused them to believe that Katherine might have hired someone to kill Rebecca, as it was possible that she was jealous of Rebecca, as she might have suspected that the commander and Rebecca were having an affair. They then deduced that the commander, who was not supposed to be there, had witnessed the crime and had been killed because of what he saw.

 Back at headquarters, they discovered that Katherine (Laura Allen) had withdrawn around $20,000 from her account just 48 hours ago, which made her seem suspicious. La Salle then informed Pride that the Office of Naval Research had contacted them as they were worried about the sensitive information that might be accessed from the commander’s computer. Because of this, Pride decided to interview Katherine, while Brody and La Salle went over to the Office of Naval Research in order to figure out what exactly they were worried about.  

According to Katherine, she had met her husband the day before he had died as she had to talk to him regarding the terms of their divorce. Pride then informed her about the death of Rebecca and asked her if she recognized the locket that they had found in the car. Based on the fact that Rebecca had been there early, Katherine then deduced that the locket was not for her and excused herself so that she could go and start making preparations for Commander Wilson’s funeral.

At the Naval Base, La Salle and Brody learned that everybody was in shock regarding the death of Commander Wilson and Rebecca. They were then informed that they had sensitive intelligence on the latest technology with regards to things such as Missile Systems and Drones, as they worked as a liaison to private defense contractors, such as Axelrod Industries. At that moment, when Brody asked Wilson’s commanding officer if he knew if Rebecca and Wilson were having an affair, a woman, who had just come in to get a signature from the officer they were talking to, looked pained. Afterwards, Brody discovered that Rebecca and Wilson were not together at all, as Rebecca had been dating that woman. However, it still did not rule out the possibility that Katherine might have thought that there was an affair.

At the medical examiner’s office, Loretta told Pride that she found it strange that she had found tobacco resin on the commander’s wrist when he did not smoke at all. Forensic Scientist Sebastian Lund (Rob Kerkovich), who had been testing out an application to tell him where the source of a potential device that could hack his phone, came in and told them that he was being hacked from something within the commander’s body. They then discovered a biotracker in his stomach. A biotracker, Sebastian explained, was a small device that could literally spy on the subject and hack every electronic device that it came into contact with. This meant that the commander was being spied on from inside his own body.

According to Investigative Computer Specialist Patton Plame (Daryl Mitchell), a biotracker could easily be hidden in a pill. This meant that anyone who had access to the commander’s cholesterol medication could have done it. They then asked Patton to track where the biotracker signal originated from, and Pride decided to go to Axelrod industries, while Brody and La Salle tried to figure out who else could have slipped the biotracker into his medication.

At Axelrod, he was first given a security sweep by the head of Axelrod’s security, Oscar Randolph. Afterwards, Jason Axelrod and Ms. Schwartz informed Pride that Wilson had been the Navy’s liaison with the projects that they were working on with the Navy. He had been helping them integrate their projects into the Navy’s system. He was then told that the technology that they developed there was indeed worth dying for, but they did not have any biotrackers yet.

Back at headquarters, Patton told them that Wilson’s computer had been wiped remotely three hours after the commander died. However, he would try his best to recover anything that he could possibly recover. Sebastian then video called them in order to inform them that he had discovered that the tobacco resin was used in hookah smoking, and he had discovered that the commander had gone to a hookah bar called the Sahara Room the night before he died at 10:00 p.m. Based on the Sahara Room’s surveillance, he had met up with a guy whom they tried to run through their facial recognition software, whom La Salle had named Bruce.

Meanwhile, when Pride went over to Katherine’s house to ask her if she had known about Wilson’s 10:00 p.m. meeting, he informed La Salle that he needed back up as the sedan that ran off Wilson’s SUV off the road was in front of Katherine’s house. He then went inside, as Katherine had screamed as she was being attacked by a man wearing a mask. However, he was able to get away.  Afterwards, Pride brought Katherine to their headquarters and informed them that Wilson had indeed told her the day before he died that he was going to meet a colleague named Shang that evening. Pride then accompanied her to their safe house and decided to cook her a meal as it had been a long night.

Back at headquarters, La Salle was upset at the fact that someone had stolen his potato salad. La Salle then informed Brody that their mystery man was Shang Lee. He used to work at Axelrod as a technical officer but had been fired a year ago after Mr. Axelrod had caught him trying to sell blueprints to a competitor. They then deduced that Shang had used the biotracker on Wilson so that he would be able to gain access to Axelrod’s projects. They then deduced that Lee had killed Wilson as Wilson had found out about the biotracker.

Downstairs, Brody realized that Patton had stolen La Salle’s potato salad. Sebastian and Patton then informed her that they had applied a particular algorithm on Wilson’s computer, and they had discovered that he had downloaded some files onto an SD card at around 8:30 a.m. on the day that he was killed.

At the safe house, Pride and Katherine bonded over Pride’s cooking. While reminiscing about her late husband and talking to Pride about the difficulties of marriage, she suddenly held his hand, which she immediately drew away. They were then interrupted by La Salle and Brody, who had called to inform him that they had found the dead body of Shang Lee, which had been found in the water trough of some stables. Loretta then informed them that he had died before Rebecca and the commander and had been shot with the same weapon that killed Rebecca.

 Meanwhile, at the safe house, Pride rescued Katherine from a shooter, the same man who tried to kill her the night before. However, he was able to get away once more, as he had a boat. Pride then realized that it might be safer to put Katherine under protective custody at their headquarters. As they drove back, Pride realized that the commander had bought the locket for Katherine because the locket was silver, which was the only jewelry she could actually wear. He then realized that since that was the first thing he had brought with him when he had escaped from his killer, it might have become the perfect hiding place. Back at the office, Brody discovered that Wilson had hidden the SD card in the clasp of the locket. After Patton uploaded it, they discovered a video that showed a faulty missile test. They also discovered a letter that Wilson had been drafting to the Office of Naval Research that said that he had accidentally been copy furnished in his email with the video of Axelrod’s faulty missile system and that he was going to consult someone as a second opinion, whom they realized was Shang Lee. They then realized that whoever had accidentally emailed Wilson the video, which Patton started to track down, wanted to kill Katherine as well just in case Wilson had told her about it.

They then brought in Ms. Schwartz, as she was the one who had accidentally emailed Wilson the video. Scared as she thought that Oscar Randoff, their head off security, who Brody claimed had told them that she had hired him to kill Katherine and the commander, she indirectly confessed, as she told them that Rebecca had been an accident as she was not supposed to be there. When Pride came in to the other side of the interrogation room, where Randoff was, Ms. Schwartz discovered that Randoff hadn’t talked and had asked for his lawyer.

Afterwards, Katherine hugged Pride as her ordeal was over. He then gave her the locket that the commander had bought for her.

The next day, La Salle told Pride that he figured out that Pride did not want the car to get fixed, because so as long as the car was broken, then Linda would keep calling. However, he was proven wrong when he learned that Linda was now living at her sister’s and that Pride was going to sell the car. After he finally got it work, he invited La Salle for a ride.

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