NCIS Recap: Cabin Fever

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NCIS Recap: Cabin Fever
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“NCIS” Season 12 Episode 15 “Cabin Fever” aired last Tuesday, Feb. 17, 2015, at 8:00 p.m. on CBS. In this episode, the NCIS team raced against time to find Sergei Mishnev (Alex Veadov) after they discovered that he had a hand in the explosion on a Navy ship. Meanwhile, NCIS Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs (Mark Harmon) brought FBI Special Agent Tobias Fornell (Joe Spano) to a cabin in the woods in order to help him sort out his grief over the murder of his wife and Gibbs’ ex-wife Diane Sterling (Melinda McGraw). Read on to learn more about this episode.

The episode began with two State Troopers who forced FBI Special Agent Tobias Fornell (Joe Spano) to pull over, only to discover that he had been drinking. The next day, NCIS Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs (Mark Harmon) came to bail him out as he didn’t want his daughter Emily to learn that he had been drinking again. After NCIS Director Leon Vance (Rocky Carroll) called him back to the office, Tobias tried to tell Gibbs that he owed him one, but Gibbs disagreed.

Gibbs then met up with Vance on a Navy vessel which had experience an explosion while several foreign dignitaries from other agencies were boarding the ship. Inside, Gibbs was snapped at NCIS Special Agent Anthony “Tony” DiNozzo (Michael Weatherly), NCIS Special Agent Timothy “Tim” McGee (Sean Murray) and at NCIS Special Agent Eleanor “Ellie” Bishop (Emily Wickersham) as he demanded updates from all of them. They then informed him that there were two men in sickbay, two recovering at the hospital and one dead female petty officer. They then concluded that it wasn’t caused by a gas explosion, as the room smelled like gun powder. McGee then showed them a Russian grenade fragment, which meant that this had been caused by Sergei Mishnev (Alex Veadov). Back upstairs, both Vance and Gibbs thought that Counselor Anton Pavlenko (Lev Gorn) had helped Mishnev out in doing this as he had been the Russian Ambassodor’s replacement for the breakfast and because he had arrived only now, after the grenade had exploded. Pavlenko then informed them that Mishnev’s target this time had been him as he claimed that Mishnev thought that he was on Gibbs’ side, as he had helped Gibbs and McGee escape during that time that time in the Koula Peninsula.

Back at the Galley, where the explosion happened, Gibbs, a little bit angrier now, instructed them to get a list of all the deliveries made to the ship, instructed McGee to get the grenade fragments to Abby Sciuto (Pauley Perette) as soon as he could and ordered Ellie and Tony to start interviewing the patients in sickbay. He also learned that the dead female petty officer was Petty Officer Third Grade Catherine Gomez who had just been assigned to the ship three weeks ago. Gibbs was then interrupted by a phone call from Tobias’ daughter, Emily (Juliette Angelo).

Back at NCIS, Emily told him that she was worried about her father as he was becoming self-destructive, especially as he had started to drink again. She then told him to help Tobias out because there was only so much she could do, and she was also trying to deal with her own grief. Emily then hugged him before she left after he promised to do everything he could to help him out.

At the laboratory, Abby told McGee that she had narrowed down what kind of grenade it was. However, they were interrupted by a call from Tony who informed McGee to get upstairs at that moment, as Gibbs wanted updates about everything they had on the case.

Upstairs, they told Gibbs that Gomez had been at the catering station when the grenade blew up and that nobody really knew where the grenade had been placed, and nobody in the crew had seen Mishnev before. Tobias then surprised everyone by showing up to help with the case, as he was still in no shape to help them, even if the FBI was also on the case. Gibbs then tried to get Tobias to leave, but Vance stopped him and called them both into his office.

Inside, Tobias argued that he deserved to have his own revenge on Mishnev. However, Vance sent him out and told Gibbs that he was going to tell the FBI that Tobias was currently a “danger to everyone.” However, Gibbs convinced him not to call the FBI, and told him that he would take Tobias elsewhere, and that he would leave his team to do their job, as both Gibbs and Tobias were too close to this case.

Later that night, Tobias was surprised that Gibbs had brought him to a cabin in the woods, as he had thought that they were going after Mishnev that same night. Gibbs then poured him a drink and told him that it was alright with him if Tobias tried to kill himself quickly there. However, Tobias just accepted the drink.

The next day, the entire team was surprised that Gibbs wasn’t around, especially as they were hunting down Mishnev. However, Tony told them not to discount the fact that Gibbs might have a plan. After learning that the victims in the hospital were awake, Gibbs called up Tony and told them that none of them would come to where he was at the moment. Gibbs also knew that McGee knew where he was as he had most probably pinged his phone already. After telling him that they were heading out to the hospital, they heard Tobias in the background throwing up. After hanging up, Gibbs told Tobias to split some wood while he made some coffee for them.

They first interviewed a man named Frankie Bolous who had been in charge of setting up some video and sound equipment and a satellite feed so that those who couldn’t attend the breakfast could experience it live. However, he didn’t remember much about that day. The other victim was a friend of Gomez’s, who had been with her setting pastries at the station before the grenade went off. Ellie then called them bot aside and told them that her husband had just told her that Gibbs had asked her about Russian and Palestinian relations during that dinner which they were supposed to have. However, since Ellie and Tony were stuck in Rhode Island for a case, it had just been Gibbs and Jake Malloy (Jamie Bamber). Jake had then told her that he was sending everything to her as Gibbs had told him to send all the information to them as they would know what to do with it.

Back at the cabin, Gibbs informed Tobias that he had gotten rid of his bourbon, and that he had taken his cellphone away. After Gibbs told him that he was embarrassing himself, Tobias tried to unsuccessfully hit him twice. Afterwards, Gibbs told Tobias that he knew that he blamed him for what had happened to Diane, and told him that it was okay to do so because he blamed himself for putting Diane in harm’s way. However, Tobias told Gibbs that the only person that he was blaming at the moment for Diane’s death was himself.

Back in the office, they discovered that Mishnev and Pavlenko were college rivals in a biatholon held at St. Petersburg. After they both didn’t make the cut to the Soviet Olympic Team, Pavlenko had gone to law school, and Mishnev had taken part in the Afghan heroin trade.

Meanwhile, Mishnev met up with Pavlenko in an alleyway. There, Pavlenko convinced him that he was on Mishnev’s side and told him that the Russian government was willing to give him asylum if he killed Gibbs. At first, Mishnev was suspicious. But after telling him that Gibbs had tricked him into thinking that a particular Russian scientist who had been trying to defect was dead, only to turn up alive in order to defect, Mishnev began to believe him. Pavlenko then gave him the coordinates of the cabin in the woods, where Gibbs currently was.

At the cabin, the two went fishing and talked about Diane. Gibbs then reminded Tobias that Diane loved him more, as she kept on remarrying him. After Tobias was able to get one fish, they decided to go back to the cabin to eat it for their lunch.

Back at the office, they informed Vance that they had just discovered that Mishnev was originally from Israel, as his mother had been a doctor with Palestinian roots. Vance, Tony and McGee then realized that Ari Haswari, Ziva David’s (Cote de Pablo) half-brother also had a mother who was a doctor with Palestinian roots. Because of this, they deduced that Ari and Mishnev were half-brothers, which would be the reason why Mishnev hated Gibbs so much. They were then interrupted by Abby who called Vance and McGee to the laboratory. It turned out that she had discovered that the detonator of the grenade had been a very special thin paper that triggered the grenade when it started vibrating due to a high pitched frequency. This led them to believe that it had probably been placed inside the sound equipment that had been brought onto the boat.

They then went to Frankie’s hospital room and showed him a picture of Mishnev. However, to their surprise, it was Frankie’s father that had become agitated after seeing Mishnev’s picture. Seeing as the father had a connection to Mishnev, they brought him in for questioning.

Back at the cabin, Tobias refused to eat. He then told Gibbs that Diane hadn’t been sure at all about remarrying him. He then revealed that just before she died, they had argued, and Tobias had told her that remarrying might be a mistake. He then asked for his phone back so that he could replay Diane’s voice on the last voicemail that she had sent him while he was at a classified briefing. She told him that she loved him and that she believed that remarrying him wasn’t a mistake. He felt bad about the fact that he hadn’t apologized to her and that the last thing he had told her was that they were a mistake. However, Gibbs told him that she knew that Tobias loved her very much and encouraged him to spend more time with Emily. They were then interrupted by a phone call from Tony, but Gibbs ended the conversation quickly as the cellular signal was low. Tobias then told Gibbs that as he felt a lot better than before, that he was ready to go back to work. However, Gibbs stopped him from leaving as he had noticed that someone was outside.

Meanwhile, in the interrogation room of NCIS, Frankie’s father revealed to them that he and Mishnev had been childhood playmates, and he had been approached by him the week before the explosion asking for help to “deliver a package.” Mishnev then had inserted something into their equipment and promised that Frankie wouldn’t get hurt. He then told them that Mishnev had shown up in their shop that morning and took a long range cell phone signal jammer. Vance then tried to call up Gibbs, but got no response.

Meanwhile, Mishnev entered the cabin, only to find Tobias there. Tobias then informed him that he had hurt him as well as Diane had been his wife. However, before Mishnev could shoot Tobias, Gibbs knocked him out with a piece of firewood.

Later that night, Mishnev woke up to find a gun at his side and saw Tobias aiming a gun at him, as they both had lost a family member. Tobias then gave him several options — he could either surrender or run, which would allow Gibbs and Tobias the opportunity to hunt him down. He them drew the gun and tried to shoot Tobias, only to discover that the gun was not loaded. Tobias then shot him dead, and Gibbs affirmed that this time, Mishnev was truly dead.

Back at the office, Ellie arrived with Emily, and the father and daughter went off to eat dinner. Ellie then bid Gibbs good night as she and her husband had a lot to talk about that night. Before leaving, Vance asked Gibbs if there was anything he wanted to tell Vance, such a detail that might have been missed on the report, but Gibbs assured him that he knew everything. Behind Gibbs, a maintenance worker place a red tape over Mishnev on the most wanted wall, signifying that he had been eliminated.

Later that night, Pavlenko went to see Gibbs and told him that he had been nervous at first, but that Mishnev had bought his ruse hook, line and sinker after he had mentioned that the Russian scientist was still alive. Before leaving, he thanks Gibbs for everything and left.

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