NCIS Recap: Kill the Messenger

By Hannah Aven Guarin | 3 years ago
NCIS Recap: Kill the Messenger
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“NCIS” Season 12 Episode 2 “Kill the Messenger” aired on Tuesday, Oct. 1, 2014, at 8:00 p.m. on CBS. Vance had something going on with his body, and this worried him. The team solved a crime involving the murder of a Navy at the Pentagon. Read on to learn more about this episode.

Previously on “NCIS” (Episode 2 “Kill the Messenger”), the team was investigating on the murder of a Navy at the Pentagon who was about to see the president. A father with his daughter were having a nice time taking pictures when the girl discovered a hat. Her father probed further and discovered a dead man. It was later found out that he was stabbed by a left-handed culprit.

Later, the victim was identified as Ned Wallace. The team brought in his wife for information. She revealed that they were separated and was trying to work things out. However, the team found out another information that led to Wallace having an affair with Courtney Reed, who was apparently missing. Abby (Pauley Perrette) then got a hold of a divorce draft. McGee (Sean Murray) and Tony (Michael Weatherly) brought in the wife again, but this time, in a less friendly room. The wife refused to speak without her lawyer.

They soon learned that someone checked in for Reed in a hotel. When McGee and Tony arrived there, they saw Reed who ran and got caught. She was shocked to learn that Wallace was already dead. She then revealed about what she knows to Gibbs (Mark Harmon) and company.

Reed discovered a flaw in the system of Colford-Webb, wherein if hacked, could reveal classified information. She reported the matter to Tolson, her superior, but to no avail. She then bypassed him by telling Richard Colford, the CEO. Afterwards, Tolson excluded her from meetings. Reed called Wallace from her office phone. She was given instructions to hide in her parents’ cabin until he calls her. Then Wallace’s next call was to the president. The case was solved when Gibbs appeared in the background while Tolson accessed a code to open a room. He was surprised to find Reed alive, then Gibbs arrested him.

Vance (Rocky Carroll) opened up to Gibbs about his condition. He told Gibbs that the doctors said it can possibly be lymphoma. He was then advised to be admitted for further tests. Vance reflected on his life and found it odd that he always thought he would die because of his job. In the hospital, the results proved that Vance’s case was nothing serious. What was found in him was said to be mimicking cancer or lymphoma.

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