NCIS Recap: Season 11 Episode 23 The Admiral’s Daughter [WATCH VIDEO]

By Hannah Aven Guarin | 4 years ago
NCIS Recap: Season 11 Episode 23 The Admiral’s Daughter [WATCH VIDEO]

“NCIS” Season 11 Episode 23 “The Admiral’s Daughter” aired on Tuesday, May 6, 2014, at 8:00 p.m. on CBS. Tony was on a secret mission which involved bringing the admiral’s daughter home from France. Read on to lean more about MNG’s “NCIS” recap of Season 11 Episode 23 “The Admiral’s Daughter.”

Previously on “NCIS” (“The Admiral’s Daughter” Season 11 Episode 23), Vance (Rocky Carroll) summoned Tony (Michael Weatherly) in his office. He introduced him to Admiral Kendall, the vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Tony was told to attend a seminar about Internet security in Marseille. The funny part was Tony asked if he was being Punk’d. However, his real mission was to fetch the admiral’s daughter, Amanda, who was partying like a wild animal in France.

Two years ago, Amanda failed in college and was now left in the company of rich brats. The real concern of Admiral Kendall, aside from his daughter’s safety, was the news on the paper that she was seen with people who were suspected children of arms dealers. Tony was instructed to head straight to the NCIS office there once he arrived at Marseille. Only Gibbs (Mark Harmon) was informed about his mission.

The team, on the other hand, was busy investigating the case of the body found by the plumber inside the septic tank. The body was tied with rocks, causing it to weigh down. The victim was identified as Zach Martin. He was tortured, but the team thought that this was unlikely due to the nature of his work. He worked in an employment office by the way. Meanwhile, Abby (Pauley Perrette) discovered that Zach’s real name was Zakaria Hassan. He went with Amanda to Georgetown.

Back to Tony’s mission . . . Tony arrived at the NCIS station and was shocked with what he had seen. He saw five dead bodies. Before he can escape, police officers suddenly appeared. Tony reached Gibbs through the phone, but he was unable to give out details since there were too many people with him.

Inspector Cheblis tried flirting with Tony. She wanted to know if Tony knew Amanda. Amanda was the primary suspect related to the five dead bodies because she was seen in the crime scene and exited through the window in the back. Tony told her that he does not know Amanda. Then, Cheblis insisted to try his gun.

Vance and Gibbs reviewed the case involving the murder of five victims. Two of which were from the NCIS. Tony had to find Amanda and bring her home as soon as possible. He soon found her partying in a club. Thanks to Twitter. Tony explained what was happening, and Amanda told a friend to tell Amir to call her. They saw Cheblis outside and wanted to take Amanda for interrogation. Cheblis grabbed Tony’s gun and shot an officer. She was clearly framing the poor guy. Tony and Amanda ran as fast as they could.

Tony was all over the news. He had no choice but to tie and gag the poor truck worker, leaving their fate to Amanda when she came out with an escape plan. They boarded the bus headed to Rota, Spain. It was a party bus, with poles and all.

Back home, Bishop found Hassan’s confidential files. He was a spy. Not only that, the only message that could only be viewed was from Admiral Kendall. The admiral, in turn, denied any affiliation with the man.

Someone set the party bus on fire. Tony and Amanda ended up in a bar. He went through her purse and saw matches. He accused her of being a spy. Well, he was right. Hassan recruited Amanda. Then, things started to become clear. Tony called Gibbs and asked him to locate Amir in Marseille. Cheblis wiretapped the call and was quick to move to find Amir. When she left, Tony and Amanda entered the building. They found Amir and Lila there. Just when they were about to leave, Cheblis returned. Amanda took her down, while Lila pointed the gun at her. Then, the Interpol came and shot Lila.

Tony and Amanda made it home. She would have to do a lot of explaining to her dad. On the brighter side, Palmer (Brian Dietzen) received a picture message which he did not understand until Tony told him that Breena is pregnant.

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