NCIS Recap: Semper Fortis

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NCIS Recap: Semper Fortis
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NCIS” Season 12 Episode 8 “ Semper Fortis” aired last Tuesday, Nov.18, 2014 at 9:00 p.m. on CBS. In this episode, the team investigated a hit and run which killed a Navy Petty Officer. They wanted to uncover the truth before a former Navy hospital corpsman is jailed for helping out the Petty Officer’s injured friends without a medical license. Meanwhile, Probationary Officer Eleanor “Ellie” Bishop (Emily Wickersham) learned a little more about Forensic Specialist Abby Sciuto (Pauley Perrette), and her past with Special Agent Timothy “Tim” McGee (Sean Murray). Abby’s two-month cutoff for dating Park Ranger Burton Moore drew near. Read on to learn more about this episode.

At the beginning of the episode, Petty Officer John Blaney “JB” Hicks and his friends, Mary Lafleur and Benjamin Koss, were having a good time as they drove back home. All of a sudden, they were hit by a car, which caused them to spin off the road. Benjamin then noticed that someone, a woman, had taken him and Mary out of the wreck. She stopped his bleeding and helped Mary breathe once more. Afterward, he lost consciousness.

At the NCIS headquarters, Special Agent Anthony “Tony” DiNozzo (Michael Weatherly), Special Agent Timothy “Tim” McGee (Sean Murray) and Probationary Officer Eleanor “Ellie” Bishop (Emily Wickersham) discovered that U.S. Park Police Sergeant Burton “Burt” Morre (Johan Urb) was around. He had just dropped off Forensic Specialist Abby Sciuto (Pauley Perrette) at her laboratory after a breakfast date. They also learned that everything was “great” and that it had been a couple of months since he and Abby had started dating. After he left, Ellie became perplexed after learning that they all expected not to see Burt again as it had been “two months” already. However, Ellie was prevented from asking more questions about it as their boss, Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs (Mark Harmon) told them to get their things as they had a “petty officer killed in a possible hit and run”.

At the scene, they discovered that Petty Officer John Blaney “JB” Hicks had been going home with two civilian friends. It seemed like JB had lost control of the car, which went over a railing, and allowed a fence post to hit the windshield and kill him, as it had gone through his neck. According to Medical Examiner Dr. Donald “Ducky” Mallard (David McCallum), the fence post in his neck was the cause of his death as he had bled out internally. JB’s two friends, Mary Lefleur, a dental student and Benjamin Koss, a construction worker, however, were currently in the hospital. However, interestingly enough, they found several bandages and cornstarch usually found on EMT gloves near JB. They were then interrupted by Sergeant Sherman Harper (Dohn Norwood). He revealed that a woman named Anna Dillon (Laura Seay) had been seen on the scene trying to help out JB’s friends. Because of this, they realized that she also had tried to save JB as well. However, she was being placed under custody as she had practiced medicine without a license. Before she went inside the car, she looked at Gibbs as he had called her “Corpsman” on a hunch.  

Back at headquarters, they discovered that Anna Dillon was a former Navy hospital corpsman, which explained why she knew what to do to help them. It also explained why she did not have a medical license on her, as Navy corpsmen don’t carry licenses. What she did was good, however, the law specifically stated that those who do not carry medical licenses are not allowed to practice medicine at any given circumstance. As Benjamin Koss had woken up, Gibbs instructed Tony and Ellie to talk to him. He also instructed McGee to get a hold of Harper so that they could talk to Dillon.

At autopsy, Ducky told Gibbs that even if Anna had tried to save JB, he was “internally far too gone” as he had internally bled to death. However, what Ducky found strange was that there was “no medical reason” for the accident as JB had no history with seizures or alcohol.

At the hospital, all Benjamin could remember about the accident was that they were hit by another car from the rear. He also revealed that the doctors had told him that if it weren’t for Anna’s timely help, he and Mary would have died. He also could not remember whether the car that had hit them was an SUV like Anna had said.

Back at headquarters, Ellie informed Gibbs that Anna had served two tours in Afghanistan. She had seen the hit and run as she had been on her way home from her shift as a janitor at a school. They also discovered that she had immediately called 911 before helping out where she could. She had helped them out even she knew that she was going to get arrested for it. McGee then told Gibbs that they could not bring Anna over to the NCIS headquarters as Anna was being charged. Because of this, Gibbs decided to go and visit her in jail.

There, Gibbs  told him that he wanted to help her out as he knew and understood what she had done. He told her that because of what she did, two people were still alive. However, she felt bad about losing JB, but Gibbs told her that there was nothing she could have done. She then explained to him that she had only been doing what she had been trained to do. She also revealed to him that she had been trying to save up for medical school. She did not understand why she was being charged as the only difference she had with doctors and EMTs was that she did not have a license. Because of this, Gibbs decided to bring her back to the NCIS headquarters with him, despite Harper’s objections. He was more eager to pin everything on her instead of looking for the SUV that had hit them.

Gibbs then met up with a lawyer, Carrie Clark (Salli Richardson-Whitfield), and asked her to take Anna’s case as she needed their help. As she was a good lawyer, Gibbs knew that she would be able to find a way to lessen the charges being brought against Anna.

Back at headquarters, Tony got her written statement. Gibbs brought Anna to autopsy so that she could see JB’s body. There, Ducky told her not to blame herself for his death as one cannot hope to save everyone all the time.

At the laboratory, Abby informed McGee, Tony, and Ellie that she had discovered a different shade of silver paint on the rear end of JB’s car. Thanks to this, she was able to match the paint to five vehicles that were registered in Fairfax County. Before he left, McGee decided to confront Abby and asked her whether she was going to break up with Burt. It had already been two months since they had started dating. However, Abby refused to tell him anything as it was her decision to make and not his.

Ellie and McGee then went over to pro race car driver Dave Lancelotti (Lou Ferrigno Jr.). He was one of those who had a vehicle, specifically a truck, which had the same color of silver found on the rear of JB’s car. However, he had an alibi as he had been in a bar all night the previous night, and to his surprise, he discovered that the truck in question had been stolen from his locked garage.

Meanwhile, Gibbs introduced Anna to Carrie, who would help her out in her legal battle to fight the charges being put against her.

Back at headquarters, they discovered that Lancelotti was known to be a little bit of a hothead on the tracks and that he had gotten into a fight once with Benjamin Koss. However, Benjamin insisted that Lancelotti would have never done something like that to him and that his temper was mostly limited to the race track.

McGee and Ellie went over to a garage shop owned by Jermaine Bennet, as Lancelotti worked for him sometimes. They then discovered that Lancelotti had been upset by their visit the previous day. He had left a couple of hours ago as he had needed to “clear his head” .

Back at headquarters, Ellie, using her NSA know how, tricked Tony and McGee to the men’s bathroom. she could finally find out what they knew about Burt and Abby. McGee then revealed that he used to date Abby a long time ago. When he had gone to the laboratory for comfort after they had broken up, he had found a list that Abby had written. According to Abby, her potential boyfriends must be able to “fulfill certain conditions by a pre-arranged date” or else she would break up with that guy. After showing the list to Ellie, she realized that Abby had a two-month cutoff for all potential boyfriends. However, McGee told her not to talk to Abby as Abby only knew that McGee was the only one who knew about her list.

Upstairs, Carrie told Anna that they would have a fighting chance if they get the Navy and the victims’ families on their side. Harper then came in to take back Anna. They were interrupted by Ellie who informed them that they had found Lancelotti’s truck. However, when they got there, they discovered that Lancelotti was dead. At first, it appeared like he had shot himself, but according to Ducky, the gunshot wound at the temple had been placed there to cover up the true cause of death- death by wrench.

In the conference room, JB’s father thanked Anna for the help that she had done. He told them that he would be willing to help Anna out in her legal battle. He felt that it was not fair that she was going to jail for trying to do something good.

At the laboratory, Abby confirmed to Tony that the wrench in Lancelotti’s truck was indeed the murder weapon. Thanks to the hair and tissue samples they had found under Lancelotti’s fingernails, they discovered that Jermaine Bennet had killed Lancelotti. It turned out that Bennet had been a Petty Officer before, but had been dishonorably discharged. It was after JB had told their superiors that Bennet had drugs on him. Later on, they were able to arrest him as he tried to escape Fairfax.

Later that night, Anna impatiently waited to hear from Carrie in Gibbs’ garage. After a while, Carrie arrived and revealed that she had gotten the prosecutor to lessen the charges and that all she owed was community service. This was because the families of the victims had come forward and told Harper that Anna should be commended and not arrested. Gibbs then thanked her for what she had done, and told her to study so that she could finally become a licensed doctor.

Meanwhile, back at headquarters, McGee told Abby, who was all dressed up for a date, to give Burt an “extension." He felt that Burt was indeed good for her. Abby then refused to tell McGee whether the list had existed when they were still dating. Burt then arrived with flowers and escorted Abby, who said that everything was “great” out to their date.

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