NCIS Season 12 Spoilers

By Hannah Aven Guarin | 4 years ago
NCIS Season 12 Spoilers
Mark Harmon

We have to wait for a few more months before CBS’ “NCIS” Season 12 starts airing this fall 2014. We are glad to bring you guys something to look forward to as TV Line has the scoop on what NCIS Season 12 will be like. Aside from learning that the entire cast has been renewed for the show’s upcoming season, familiar faces will also be returning. Proceed with caution. This article contains “NCIS Season 12” spoilers. Read only if you want to learn more about it.

During the CBS’ Television Critics Association, executive producer Gary Glasberg told TV Line that the issue concerning Mark Harmon a.k.a. Gibbs’ wife will be touched on in “NCIS” Season 12. Moreover, Glasberg mentioned the thought of Harmon’s real-life wife Pam Dawber. He said that it would be fun, only that every year someone says that maybe Dawber should appear on “NCIS,” and every year, it does not take place.

“I can promise you that [the mystery wife] is probably going to get touched on in Season 12, ″ said Glasberg in the TV Line report.

Over the course of the show, Gibbs has been married four times. First, he was married to Shannon (Darby Stanchfield) who died with their daughter Kelly. His second marriage was with Diane Sterling (Melinda McGraw), who was also Agent Fornell’s (Joe Spano) former wife. Furthermore, Gibbs had exchanged vows with Stephanie Flynn (Kathleen York) and another woman who has remained unnamed.

On a different note, a familiar face is possibly returning to the show to reprise her role as Ziva David. Yes, you read that right. Cote de Pablo might have some guest appearances on “NCIS” Season 12.

Glasberg told Inquistr that he was not abandoning the idea of Ziva appearing again. However, he pointed out that there must be some good reason why they would bring her character back.

“But it has to be done in a way where it feels organic to the storytelling and we’re not just throwing in lines about Ziva here and there. If Tony’s in a personal relationship or there’s something significant happening for him and he wondered how she would respond, then maybe we can figure out a way to do it,” said Glasberg in the Inquisitr feature.

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