NCIS Shooter Recap [WATCH VIDEO]

By Hannah Aven Guarin | 4 years ago
NCIS Shooter Recap [WATCH VIDEO]
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While waiting for “NCIS” Season 12, let’s go down memory lane into one of the most pivotal episodes of “NCIS” Season 11. The title of the said episode is “Shooter” (s11, E22). Staff Sergeant Martin Roe went missing in this episode before testifying against a high-profile Afghanistan murder case.  Read on to find out more about the NCIS “Shooter” recap.

Previously on “Shooter,” Staff Sergeant Martin “Shooter” Roe was taking photos in Afghanistan. He was a Marine photographer who was in the area because of the joint Army and Marine forces. While taking photos, he captured a soldier killing an Afghan civilian. The soldier was none other than Army First Lieutenant Michael Waters. Roe took the photo to his task force commander, Commander Chad Hendricks, who leaked the photo to the media. Now Waters was being tried. He claimed that the civilian was in fact Taliban. However, Roe also claimed that Waters did the crime out of revenge.

When Roe was due to appear in court, he went missing. Hendricks had not seen him in a couple of days. Gibbs (Mark Harmon) stepped in to investigate further. Hendricks told him that Roe was working on a piece about homeless veterans. Bishop and Tony went to Roe’s apartment to search for clues. They then found photos of a man with his dog and a threat. Meanwhile, Abby (Pauley Perrette) found fentanyl and heroine on Roe’s apartment. The same drug combination was also found in the syringe. Hendricks refused to believe that Roe was having drug issues.

McGee (Sean Murray), Bishop and Tony traced the photos to an abandoned building. Unfortunately, they found Roe’s lifeless body. He seemed to have died because of heroin overdose as manifested on the needle in his arm. Ducky (David McCallum) and Abby examined his body. They learned that Roe in fact died from overdose, but he was undermined with chloroform.

Abby knew the man from the photo. His name was Everett “Blue” Turpin. His dog’s name was Dave. Abby gave Blue a shirt for Christmas and used to bring food for the pet.

Things took a surprising turn when the “NCIS” team found out that Blue died a day early than Roe. He died of a heart attack, and the hospital confirmed that Roe brought him in. Dr. Novak pronounced him dead. When Ducky performed an autopsy of Blue’s body, he found out that his kidneys were missing. Dr. Novak was questioned as to how and why this happened. He confessed that he took Blue’s kidneys under the order of Lorin Davis, the clinic director. Davis also said that she would take care of Roe. It turned out that Davis was into some kind of business, selling organs. She was arrested for it and for Roe’s murder.

Back to Waters . . . Gibbs invited Waters for a chat. He brought along Major Huggins, his Judge Advocate General (JAG). Water was not even alarmed by the fact that Roe was missing, and Huggins speculated that maybe Roe did not want to testify at all to keep himself from making up things. About the threat, Huggins refused to give a sample of Waters’ handwriting.

Vance (Rocky Carroll) demanded another interview with Waters, but Huggins kept on getting in the way. Vance insisted that Waters be brought in pronto!

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