NCIS Spoilers: “Stop the Bleeding” First Look and Preview

By Kitin Miranda | 3 years ago
NCIS Spoilers: “Stop the Bleeding” First Look and Preview

Tensions will be running high as everyone on CBS’ “NCIS” will be racing against time to get answers and justice for Ned Dorneget and the team’s fallen leader, NCIS Special Agent Leroy Jethro Giibbs (Mark Harmon), who will not yet be out of danger by the time fans and viewers return to “NCIS” with the explosive premiere episode entitled “Stop the Bleeding”. Fans and viewers have of the CBS military procedural will be looking towards a very emotional and bumpy  season premiere, as seen in the recently released trailer for the first episode of the season. Also, Jon Cryer, who will be guest starring in the premiere episode, recently chatted about how he had been picked for this very crucial role in the season premiere, and how he prepared for the grueling task of helping Gibbs to turn away from the light at the end of the tunnel. WARNING: This article contains spoilers for the premiere episode of the thirteenth season of “NCIS”, entitled “Stop the Bleeding”.

It is no secret that, despite all the odds, NCIS Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs (Mark Harmon) will survive to fight another die. It was after being shot by the young Luke, a young boy who was recruited by the sinister international terrorist organization called the Calling. They were also responsible for the death of one of their own- NCIS Agent Ned Dorneget (Matt Jones).

Now, fans and viewers will be able to see the journey that Gibbs’ character will take. He fights to survive and as he struggles with the new limitations that the incident created for him.

Gibbs’ first ally, aside from his team, who will always be loyal to him, is the brilliant but tough Navy Surgeon, Dr. Cyril Taft, who will be portrayed by “Two and a Half Men’s” Jon Cryer.

According to his interview with Entertainment Weekly, Cryer describes the good doctor as “the Jeff Goldblum of surgeons.”

He also stated that he never expected to have a character that has such a crucial role in the upcoming season. He had always wanted to guest star on the show as one of the show’s victims who usually dies in the beginning of the episode.

He also mentioned that he hadn’t really been able to prepare that much for this particular role as he had less than a week to prepare before filming. In fact, one of the surgeons that will be seen in the episode helping Dr. Taft is the surgeon with whom Cryer spent one whole day with in order to learn more about how a surgeon is during an operation.

It was also discovered that Cryer won’t just be seen in this episode, but in three episodes during the upcoming season.

The trailer of the season premiere, “Stop the Bleeding” has also just been released on the show’s official Twitter account. The official website of CBS also has just released, along with other exclusive first look pictures of other CBS shows, the first few first look photos of the season’s premiere episode.

The trailer promises fans a very emotional, action packed episode, as Gibbs, during the moment when he flatlined for a little bit, sees his deceased daughter, who leads him towards a doorway filled with light.

Meanwhile, NCIS Special Agent Anthony “Tony” DiNozzo, Jr. (Michael Weatherly) and Ned Dorneget’s mother, CIA Officer Joanna Teague (Mimi Rogers) are seen in China as they try to track down and stop the Calling, whose leader told them that the “game” that they are playing is far from over. A bomb and explosion were also seen.

The official CBS website also released several first look photos, which featured NCIS Special Agent Timothy “Tim” McGee (Sean Murray), NCIS Director Leon Vance (Rocky Carroll), and NCIS Agent Eleanor “Ellie” Bishop (Emily Wickersham) at the NCIS offices, looking tense and grim.

Another photo showed Dr. Taft talking to both Tony and Joanna Teague beside the bed of the recuperating Gibbs.

Are you excited for the season premiere? What do you think will happen next as the dust settles? Are you excited for this potentially new chapter in the history of “NCIS”? Let us know what your theories and thoughts are in the comments below!

And that was all for the updates and the spoilers of what will happen in “NCIS” Season 13 Episode 1 “Stop the Bleeding”. For more news, updates, and spoilers on “NCIS” and on your favorite returning CBS shows, keep on following Movie News Guide (MNG).

Catch “NCIS” when it returns on Tuesday, Sept. 22, 2015, at 8:00 p.m. on CBS.

Photo Source: Facebook/NCIS

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