‘NCIS’ Spoilers: Season 13 Episode 6 Emmy winning actress Lindsay Wagner appearance; Alleged Murder Case Imitation Revealed!

By Gemmie Caranay | 2 years ago
‘NCIS’ Spoilers: Season 13 Episode 6 Emmy winning actress Lindsay Wagner appearance; Alleged Murder Case Imitation Revealed!

The “NCIS Season 13 Episode 6” is putting Bishop and McGee on spotlight. A former local serial killer seems to match the method of operation of the recent murder case with an officer. This officer they believed is of a little importance, so they have to decide if this local serial killer is the one or it is only an imitation of work.

This episode series, reportedly entitled as “Viral” will show the comeback of McGee’s lover Delilah (Margo Harshman). It will show how these two must have a mutual concessions before they moved in together. Although Harshman’s character does not portray a much important role with the story, her decision regarding the issue if they will move in together or take their relationship slow is an awaited one. Fans would certainly love that!


While the teams continuously solve the case, Halloween spirit is unstoppable for this CBS episode. Upcoming Halloween festival will be acknowledged by “NCIS Season 13 Episode 6”. Also, Tony Dinozzo (Michael Weatherly) will give a splash of comedy by his itchy complains all over this body. “I’m itchy, irritated and I have a gun”, Dinozzo said, Design and Trend reported.


Prominent bionic woman Lindsay Wagner will play as mother of NCIS Special Agent Ellie Bishop in an episode on Tuesday, November 24. Only one episode for “NCIS” will have the Emmy winning actress’ appearance. Her guest turn is one of the crew’s most excited about,

Ecunumical News reported. Glary Glasberg, showrunner of the series expressed his enthusiasm being one of Wagner’s fans since the “Paper Chase”.

The Episode 6 trailer also shows that a hotel is bomb where Attorney Jake Maloy, Bishop’s husband stays. It became very stressful for Bishop as she watched the incident happened all over the news.

The director for the episode “Viral” is Rocky Carroll. Some military and navy will appear in this episode and more surprise guest stars. A lot is to be revealed in this 300th episode so stay tuned for more updates.

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