Neighbours Spoilers: Amber and Bailey Know Lauren’s Secret, Learn about it on the March 31, 2014 Episode

By April Lara | 4 years ago
Neighbours Spoilers: Amber and Bailey Know Lauren’s Secret, Learn about it on the March 31, 2014 Episode
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After the intriguing episode that left the residents of Ramsay Street, what’s going to happen to them now? Read on for the “Neighbours” spoilers and find out what will happen now that Amber and Bailey know Lauren’s Secret. Learn about it on the March 31, 2014 episode.

Lauren doesn’t want to tell her kids her secret but Terese urges her to tell them. Terese keeps on insisting and this got Lauren stressed out and told her to leave. When Kathy finally gets a moment alone with Terese, she tries to change her mind but Terese won’t hear any of it.

Terese then meets with other parents to stand by her decision to keep the secret. Matt doesn’t totally agree about this. What they don’t know is that Amber and Bailey are slowly figuring it out and they berate their father about this. Eventually, their father told them about Lauren’s child. With this revelation, they still showed support but it looks like it’s just the beginning of troubling family issues that they are going to have to deal with in the coming days.

Josh can’t play anymore and he keeps on evading Amber because of his fear that Amber won’t love him anymore now that he can’t swim. He told his parents about this but they reassured him that it’s not going to be that way. Josh then admitted to Amber his concerns but due to the past incidents that he did to Amber, Amber has become uncomfortable around him especially now that she knows the secret of Lauren. Because of Amber’s reaction, Josh thought that Amber doesn’t love him anymore.

Now that Lauren’s secret is out, what’s going to happen now? And what about the future of Josh and Amber? There is also the fact that Chris is worried about his mum and this confusion will lead him to Sonya for advice. Sonya encouraged Chris to join a support group for family members who are affected by addiction but Chris doesn’t think that it is effective… so he did something else… he told his dad.

The turn of events is going really crazy these past few days on “Neighbours” but we still can’t satisfy our hunger for more drama and more shocking revelations that are about to come our way soon!

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