Neighbours Recap: March 20, 2014 Episode

By April Lara | 4 years ago
Neighbours Recap: March 20, 2014 Episode
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Here’s the “Neighbours” recap for the March 20, 2014 episode. It aired on Thursday on Channel 5.

The last “Neighbours” episode has left viewers wanting for more with what happened to Patricia, Sonya’s revelation to Chris, the “fail” double date and the tension that is growing between Josh and Amber.

According to, here’s what happened at Ramsay Street:

Sonya was upset because she was ignored by Chris but still, she’s hoping that Patricia will come clean soon to Chris regarding her problems. Patricia was seen hurrying out of an antique store, looking rattled and Sonya spotted her. Sonya immediately felt that there must be something wrong. Patricia then told her that she almost sold some of her belongings to provide for her gambling addiction but she stopped herself. Because of this, Sonya urged Patricia to attend the GA meeting, and Patricia did show up but still looking edgy. CCTV footage from the antique shop was released where Patricia was caught stealing a watch and Matt arresting her. Chris found out about the incident but blamed Sonya for this.

In other Ramsay Street happenings, Callum set up a double date because Josie M is stressing out Bailey. The date happened but it started awkwardly until the two girls started to have fun while playing a video dance game. Later on, the girls urged the boys to play the game as well and due to men’s “competitive nature,” this has left the girls feeling neglected. In turn, they just left Callum and Bailey.

There is also the growing tension between Josh and Amber with Josh reacting to the pain on his shoulder while he and Amber are having fun in the pool. He was able to hide his pain from Amber. But, he snapped at her and this made her upset, which then led her to open up her feelings about Josh to Imogen. Amber is starting to doubt her relationship with Josh while Josh tries hard to ignore the pain but he then gave in and asked Kirk for pills.

Meanwhile, Kyle bought a rose bush thinking of Priya’s tree and he wants to use it as  a memorial. Toadie thinks it’s an awesome idea but later on admitted that Georgie doesn’t want to see him. This hurt Kyle but he understands and he hopes that through the rose bush he will be able to let Georgia know that she’s on his mind.

And that’s the “Neighbours” recap for the March 20, 2014 episode. Tune in to MNG for the latest news, episode recaps and spoilers on “Neighbours.”

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