Neighbours Recap: August 4, 2014 Episode

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Neighbours Recap: August 4, 2014 Episode

Previously on “Neighbours,” Sheila and Naomi got together in the same room, while Josh finally found out about Daniel and Amber. Read on for the full recap of the Aug. 4, 2014 episode.

Imogen was so addicted playing a game called Crash Words. Josh spent the day with her rather than going to school because of the hand portrait. They decided to play the game together. Josh asked Imogen if he could teach him to play the game, and she said yes.

When he invited “Scoop24” over, Josh learned that it was Daniel. He went looking for them, and he found them kissing inside the room. Now, their secret’s out, and this is definitely how the two of them planned things. How will Josh react to this?

In other news, Georgia was on the move to get Naomi and Sheila together in the same room because she really wants to know what their fight was all about. She invited the two to the wedding rehearsal dance. Unfortunately, their plan did not happen. The anger between Naomi and Sheila was evident. Sheila remained silent about the reason behind their fight because of Toadie, Sonya and the others. She’s definitely taking the high road and being the bigger person here, and that was very decent of her.

Daniel begged Karl to allow him to help Paul. Finally, Karl agreed on one condition that if things don’t improve, Daniel will do something about it. Daniel invited Paul to go to the nursery. Paul is at peace when he is there. Is Paul moving forward now?

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