Neighbours Recap: August 5, 2014 Episode

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Neighbours Recap: August 5, 2014 Episode

Previously on “Neighbours,” there was trouble up ahead in Erinsborough, and it did not end well. Things got even worse now that Josh knew about Daniel and Amber. Paige, on the other hand, was in the way of Lauren and Kathy’s plan on putting the pieces back together. Read on for the full Aug. 5, 2014 episode.

The secret was now out in the open, and Josh was having a hard time coping with the whole Amber and Daniel thing. He previously caught them kissing inside the dark room. Now, he cannot even look at Amber nor accept her apologies. He felt so devastated over her betrayal that he started shutting everyone out. Josh wanted some answers, so he confronted Daniel.

Daniel, who asked for Josh’s forgiveness, told him the incident between him and Amber just kind of happened. Josh could not accept it. He had stopped himself from punching Daniel’s face, but it was hard for him. Josh decided to find an alternative way to control his emotions. He went to Daniel’s studio, and he destroyed everything. Daniel only found out about it after Josh finished his dirty deed.

On the other hand, Amber got no other choice but to face the aftermath. Amber continued to feel guilty about it despite her family’s support. Unfortunately, Imogen was badly affected with the betrayal, which Amber did to her brother. She does not even want to continue their friendship anymore.

Paige cannot believe that Lauren already forgave Kathy. It was after Kathy learned that Lauren offered an olive branch to her. Meanwhile, Kathy continued her quest in finding Lauren’s daughter. Kathy then hired a private investigator to do it.

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