Neighbours Recap: August 11, 2014 Episode

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Neighbours Recap: August 11, 2014 Episode

In the latest “Neighbours” episode (air date: Aug. 11, 2014), things are getting worse for Paige when Naomi’s new job got jeopardized. Also, the mysterious writer will now be identified.  Read on to know what happened at Erinsborough on the latest MNG recap.

Paige really wanted to reinforce her relationship with Kathy. She had thought that she must help her grandmother setup in the store. However, Unfortunately, she told Naomi to step away because of Naomi’s excitement on her new job with Kathy. Because of this, Naomi suspected even more that Paige is up to something. Later,  Paige learned from Kathy that the private investigator that she hired has finally found her lost granddaughter.

In other news, Toadie finally learned that the writer named E.M Williams and Karl is the same person. Susan confirmed his suspicions only reluctantly and Toadie told Sonya about this and Sonya was completely turned off by Karl.

Sheila was so excited about Naomi’s new job with Kathy and because of her enthusiasm, she decided to talk to Kathy and tell her everything about Naomi that is great. In the end, Kathy then realized that Naomi was overqualified for the job This upsets Naomi and she confronted Sheila and told her that she ruined everything for her.

What do you think of this episode “Neighbours” fans? Will Paige’s true identity will finally be revealed and if it does, what do you think Paige will do as well as Lauren and Kathy? As for Naomi, will Kathy still let her work with her? Let us know by posting your comments below!

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