Neighbours Recap: August 12, 2014 Episode

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Neighbours Recap: August 12, 2014 Episode

In the latest episode of “Neighbours” (air date: Aug. 12, 2014), Kathy has finally come face-to-face with who she thinks is her lost granddaughter but Paige was so fast to step up and get rid of her. On the other hand, Amber gets even more humiliated by Josh. Read on for the full recap of the show.

Now that Kathy’s hired private investigator has finally tracked down her lost granddaughter. Paige did not let her grandmother go alone and went with her to meet Megan.

During their meeting, Paige knows that a woman was a fraud so she started asking her challenging questions and Kathy did not appreciate it. Kathy admitted that all she wanted was to get rid of Paige and talk to Megan. While Kathy left for the bathroom, Paige berated her once again and she was successful because Megan left them and Kathy was upset.

Paige immediately reasoned out with Kathy that it is best that she end the investigation. Unfortunately,  Kathy was determined to make amends for the mistakes that she has done over the past. That’s why she still wants to pursue and continue on with the investigation.

Josh was still in pain after what Amber and Daniel did to him as well as Imogen. They got even more pissed off when Susan asked Amber to lead the year-end formal. They came up with a plan and embarrassed Amber during the senior assembly and once again, Josh lashed out. Brad was getting frustrated over Josh’s behavior and it looks like his attitude has gone too far.

Naomi was still upset because of what her mom did. So Sheila did what she thinks is best and undo her mistake. It gained results right away when Kathy rehired Naomi and Naomi and Sheila are now in a good place once again.

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