Neighbours Recap: August 28, 2014 Episode

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Neighbours Recap: August 28, 2014 Episode

Kyle learned about Georgia’s condition. Read on to find out what happened on “Neighbours” for the August 28, 2014 episode.

Georgia still did not want Kyle to know about her biopsy, but keeping it a secret from him made her anxious. Unfortunately, the secret would not be kept too long because Kyle was able to track her down at the hospital with a peace offering, only to overhear Georgia and Karl talking about her test. Of course, Kyle’s initial reaction was to know what is really going on with Georgia.

Georgia said sorry to Kyle for keeping him in the dark, and she explained that she only did that because she was worried that Kyle might have the same reaction as her father’s when he found out that her mother had throat cancer. For Georgia, she did not want to put Kyle through that until she knows the real problem. Now that the secret was out in the open, Kyle understood, and they both waited for her test results to come out.

Meanwhile, Kathy told Lou that she knows he was not the one who wrote “The Book of Secrets.” Lou then confessed to Kathy that he was only covering for a friend, but Kathy would not buy it. She thinks that their family has had enough lies already, and it has to stop. Lou, in defense, started to throw Kathy’s lies back at her, and Lauren heard everything. Lauren took Lou with her and talked to him, telling him that Kathy might have lied several times, but they could not undo them anymore. There was no room for anger and misery in their family.

Sheila was having some fantasies, and it’s all because of “The Book of Secrets.” She thinks of herself as Arabella, and she already had a hunch that the mysterious stranger in the book named Constantine is Lou. Later on, Paul went to the cool room at The Watering Hole, where he found Sheila. When he moved the bucket that was holding the door, it slammed shut, and they could not get out anymore. They were trapped inside. Uh-oh.

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