Neighbours Recap: August 29, 2014 Episode

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Neighbours Recap: August 29, 2014 Episode

In the latest “Neighbours” episode,  Paul and Sheila trapped inside a room while Kyle and Georgia await the results of her biopsy. What happened today at Ramsay Street? Read on to find out more about the recap.

In the previous episode, Paul got trapped inside The Waterhole’s cool room with Sheila. This left them arguing, but their annoyance dwindled and got replaced by worry when it dawned on them that they might stay the entire night there. Since they are starting to get cold, the two decided to cuddle up to get some warmth from each other and both of them started to talk about their feelings – and this brought some surprising results.

Bailey, on the other hand, continued with his interest in joining the Space Camp. He was thrilled to learn that he’s onto the next step for application but when he found out that the next step was public speaking – he got anxious. He’s not really good in public speaking but of course, Matt was there to the rescue and he asked Susan’s help. To Bailey’s surprise, Susan had a different way to help him  that is to ask him to and deliver a speech in front of the whole class. Alice, Bailey’s number one rival for the Space Camp slot took advantage of his failed speech..

Brad was surprised to get a call from his old gym, he thought that they were going to give his job back and when he got there, he was in for the disappointment. His old bosses wanted Josh and not him.

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