Neighbours Recap: August 6, 2014 Episode

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Neighbours Recap: August 6, 2014 Episode

Previously on “Neighbours” (air date: Aug. 6, 2014), Amber was deeply affected by the unfortunate scandal with Daniel. Shiela, on the other hand, organized a surprise engagement lunch, but Kyle wasn’t happy about it. Read on for the full recap.

Amber continued to struggle with the aftermath of her one mistake that she did with Daniel. Josh had caught them kissing, and he seems upset. He even trashed the studio owned by Daniel.

Upon hearing the news, Kathy immediately ordered flowers and sent it to Amber. However, this made Lauren uncomfortable because she thinks that her mother was trying to buy the love of her children. Kathy reassured Lauren that she only did that to show that she’s there to support her grandchildren.

Kathy learned about Lauren’s revelation, but it didn’t stop her from doing the right thing this time. It was after she re-opened the case of Lauren’s missing daughter. Paige was so alarmed by this that she told Kathy not to pursue it anymore, but Kathy was determined to continue with the case.

In other news, Sheila planned a lunch event for the engaged couple, Georgia and Kyle. Unfortunately, Sheila didn’t invite Naomi, and Kyle got mad. Sheila really did not want to share any information about what happened between her and Naomi. She knew that it might cause more bad things on their complicated relationships.

Kyle was determined not to let what’s happening between Sheila and Naomi get in the way of his engagement part. In the end, he gave Sheila the ultimatum that she might want to invite Naomi, or she may choose not to be at their wedding.

Elsewhere, Bailey was so mad when he found out that Alice has been gathering proxy votes to beat him to the Presidency of the Astronomy Club. He sought the advice from Matt, who told him to make a new club.

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