Neighbours Recap: July 24, 2014 Episode

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Neighbours Recap: July 24, 2014 Episode

Love was getting stronger at Ramsay Street. There was a possible reconciliation, and someone was in big trouble. Read further for the full “Neighbours” recap.

Previously on “Neighbours,” Daniel and Amber’s love for each was growing. It was a good thing because they were really happy. However, the episode was not all about the happiness because Amber did not know how he was going to break up with Josh now that he was in love with someone else. This was definitely going to break Josh’s heart.

Jayden was in awe of the skate stunts that Joshua uploaded online. We knew that Joshua did not really like Jayden, but his admiration for his skills made him happy. Jayden then went to do some of his stunts, but he got seriously injured. Amber decided to end things with Josh. However, just when she was about to, the police came to Josh asking to talk to him, which meant that he’s in trouble. Her plans of letting him know have been put behind again.

Naomi still wanted to leave Erinsborough but was still broke. The good news was that Sheila came around and apologized to her for saying such harsh words. It looked like a reconciliation was in order, especially when Shiela gave Naomi a check to get her out of town. Furious, she ripped the check because she would not be paid by her own mother to leave.

Paige was not happy with Naomi staying in their place. She was getting angry and frustrated, and she was also getting annoyed with Brennan’s housekeeping rules. She snapped, and the good was Brennan knew exactly how to handle her.

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