Neighbours Recap: July 29, 2014 Episode

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Neighbours Recap: July 29, 2014 Episode

Previously on “Neighbours,” Sonya came back from her vacation, and Toadie was pleased to see her wife looking so happy and at peace. She then told him that she was ready to exert more effort in their marriage to make it work, but she was surprised when Toadie told her what Naomi did. Read on to learn more about this episode.

In the July 29, 2014 episode, it was very difficult for Sonya to process everything. While Toadie and her  were discussing, both of them felt even more disconnected from each other.

To clear her head, Sonya went out for a walk, but she ran into Naomi. Naomi tried justifying her actions, but Sonya did not want to hear the end of it. However, Naomi fought back and told her that if she did not act like such a good Samaritan, her husband would not wander and look for attention somewhere else. Sonya, enraged by what Naomi said, slapped Naomi so hard on the face.

Daniel was overwhelmed when Paul broke down. Good thing Naomi and Sheila were there to support Paul. However, Daniel knew that with Paul being like that, he was going to need more support than that, so he called Karl. Just as Karl was about to make a breakthrough with Paul, Terese revealed to him that Paul was suspended as mayor and would be investigated due to his actions. Paul went in for the kill when he told everyone that he did not care about him being a mayor or even anything else.

In other news, Georgia and Kyle’s wedding plans were now finally on its way.

What do you think of this episode? What do you think of Naomi and Sonya’s confrontation? Do you think Sonya and Toadie would still be able to fix things between them? What is going to happen to Paul now? Share your thoughts by posting your comments below.

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