Neighbours Recap: July 30, 2014 Episode

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Neighbours Recap: July 30, 2014 Episode

Previously on “Neighbours,” the whole slapping incident was intense, and Sheila went to Sonya to tell her about it. Toadie, on the other hand, found out the truth. Moreover, Sheila also said that Naomi would be staying in Erinsborough, and Sonya was left with no choice but to apologize to Sheila, even though she did not want to. Read on for the full recap of the July 30, 2014 episode.

Sonya was still trying to make her marriage with Toadie work, so she told Brennan that she would not be able to spend time with him as often as before. It was a good thing that Sonya still wants her marriage to work after what she found out.

In other news, Georgia and Kyle were busy preparing for their upcoming wedding. Since they were on a tight budget, both of them realized that they have become too caught up in getting reasonable rates. Sheila helped them and found a great deal with a local caterer. With this, Kyle and Georgia decided to let Sheila negotiate with all their deals, and Sheila was so happy about this. However, it turned out that she was taking over in a way that she started to ignore the wishes of the couple. Uh-oh. This is going to be a problem!

Bailey was so happy when his grandmother sent him a telescope. Matt found out about this and told him that Lauren would not let him keep anything that is from his grandmother, which means that Bailey needs to send it to a new home. Paige offered to keep the telescope as she was really trying her best to spend time with her half-siblings. Through that, Paige also learned the deal between Kathy and Lauren, and she was shocked to learn that Lauren never wanted to give her up for adoption, and everything was because of Kathy. This angered Paige, leaving her mad at her grandmother and swore that she would revenge.

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