Neighbours Recap: July 31, 2014 Episode

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Neighbours Recap: July 31, 2014 Episode

Trouble happened in Erinsborough, with Paige’s plan in progress for revenge. Bailey was in a very tight competition to get in space camp. Want to know more about what happened at Ramsay Street? Catch the full recap of the July 31, 2014 episode of “Neighbours” here.

Paige was seeking revenge, and she was determined to get it after finding out the truth. Now, she’s on a roll to gather more information about her grandmother. Unfortunately, she also told Lauren about Bailey’s telescope, which was given by Kathy. Lauren was rattled by this news, and this made Paige even more curious about Kathy.

She also felt bad for Kathy because she made her feel bad, so in order to lessen the damage, she tried to console her by telling her that Kathy’s love for her grandchildren is genuine. This made Lauren change her mind about her mother so she invited Kathy to come and visit them. Now, it seems things are going according to Paige’s plan and trouble is brewing in Erinsborough.

In other news, it was Brad’s first day at Erinsborough High. Josh and Imogen were not thrilled with the idea that their teacher is their dad. To make matters worse, Imogen felt more embarrassed when her dad becomes the “crush” of every female student in school.

Bailey was having a hard time with his application for space camp because he didn’t have that many extracurricular activities on his CV, so Matt, trying very hard to bond with him, suggested that he set up an astronomy club at school. Bailey was thrilled by this idea only to find out that Alice was applying for space camp too. It only means that it is going to be a very tight competition. Things worsen when Alice wanted to take over Bailey’s presidency in astronomy club. Uh-oh. How will Bailey handle this?

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