Neighbours Recap: July 8, 2014 Episode

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Neighbours Recap: July 8, 2014 Episode

“Neighbours” fans, no need to worry if you missed today’s episode. We have the full recap of the July 08, 2014 episode right here!.Read on to know what happened at Ramsay Street.

Brennan was still on a revenge mission against Paul, so he went to Matt and asked him to re-open the case about Gus Cleary with the hope of finally Paul getting convicted of murder. However, Matt did not think that it was possible due to the fact that they don’t have new leads or evidence to prove Paul’s guilt. Brennan, in his eagerness to avenge himself, pressured Matt, so Matt asked Paul to come to the station. However, since he wasn’t in a good state yet, Terese accompanied him.

Matt asked Paul about Cleary, but due to Paul’s state, he got muddled and left the station. Terese did not like Matt’s approach because she thought that Matt took advantage of Paul as of the moment due to his current state. This led Matt to finally gave up on helping Brennan because he thought that he had done so much already, and that was enough.

In other Erinsborough news, Bailey had finally decided to open up to Sonya, and he admitted that he had a drinking problem only because he wanted to gain confidence and wanted to be different aside from being himself. Lauren and Matt were so happy that finally, Bailey opened up, and Sonya suggested that Matt should open up about his dad’s drinking problem as well, but Matt did not like that idea so much.

Karl tried to play music with Ben, but he then became emotional and wouldn’t tell Karl why. They played a game of ball, and after that, Karl finally admitted to him that the reason why he got emotional was because the song reminded him of his father whom he misses so much. He also told him that being in the neighborhood was making things worse for him because that was where his mom and dad met. Karl told Ben that maybe he should open up these feelings to his mom, but Karl didnt want to, thinking that it would only upset his mom and asked Karl to promise not to say anything.

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