Neighbours Recap: July 9, 2014 Episode

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Neighbours Recap: July 9, 2014 Episode

What happened in Erinsborough today? In case you missed it, we have the full “Neighbours” recap for the July 9, 2014 episode. Read on to learn more about this episode.

Bailey finally admitted that he has a drinking problem to Matt. However, Lauren was getting worried on how Matt was handling Bailey’s drinking problem, especially when she found out that Matt was keeping himself busy to avoid the issue. Lauren had no choice but to confront Matt about this, and she even accused him of not confronting the issue right away and just letting things slide.

Due to what Lauren told him, Matt immediately talked to Bailey and Amber about his childhood and about his alcoholic dad. Deep inside, Matt knew that his childhood experience was a huge factor why he deals this way with his own family. With that realization, he was now determined to make a change. He didn’t want his kids to have the same childhood, and he now aspired to become a better father and not be like his dad. It was finally refreshing that Matt finally told his kids about his childhood. With this, it might help Bailey overcome his drinking problem.

In other news, Paige felt the need to talk and be with her family, so she decided to drop by the Turner’s house, but it was bad timing because Matt just admitted his childhood to his kids. Lauren saw Paige, and she didn’t want anyone to interrupt the talk. She hurried Paige to leave, and in turn, this made Paige feel rejected.

Paul figured out that Brennan was still pushing through the Gus Cleary case and was still investigating. He told him to write a confession and leave the decision making to Brennan. The question here was: What will Brennan do? Meanwhile, Libby was now reflecting about her stay at Erinsborough. Is she going to leave or stay?

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