Neighbours Spoilers for the April 15, 2014 Episode

By April Lara | 4 years ago
Neighbours Spoilers for the April 15, 2014 Episode
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Did you miss “Neighbours?” Now, they’re back! So, what can you expect in the latest episode? What’s going to happen now with Brad and Lauren? When will they find their daughter? How about Josh and Amber? Read on for the “Neighbours” spoilers for the April 15, 2014 episode.

“Neighbours” spoilers for the April 15, 2014 Episode:

Brad is determined to find their missing child and finally, he gets a quotation for a private investigator. Even if it’s pricey, Lauren and Brad are still willing to push through with their plan just to find their daughter. However, things got a bit complicated when they discussed their plan with Terese and Matt. Matt suggested the plan while Terese has no idea at all. This made Terese feel left out and this made her feel bad, which leads her to confide in Matt.

Sonya found a saucy picture of Talia and because she’s bothered by this, she confronts Talia about it. Talia was so embarrassed and explained that the picture got accidentally caught up in Toadie’s stuff. Talia apologizes to Sonya and told her that it was just for fun. However, Sonya is not convinced and she didn’t like Talia’s attitude which is why she fires Talia right then and there.

Callum finds out what happened between Sonya and Talia and told Sonya that Talia has a boyfriend and that photo was intended for her boyfriend. Things got worse when Toadie gets home and everyone didn’t expect him. He goes straight to Talia to fix some court documents. Sonya tries to get back Talia but Talia already found another job by then.

Josh returns back to school today but it is not his best day because Amber ditched him for a shopping spree and this forced him to hang out with Callum and Josie. Having a bad day, he tells Terese that he wants to quit but he is encouraged by her and she told him not to give up.

Everyone in Erinsborough thinks Georgia and Kyle are back together. This overwhelms Georgia and she confronts Kyle about it.  She says that everything is moving too fast.

That’s the “Neighbours” spoilers for the April 15, 2014 episode. Are you excited for the latest episode of “Neighbours?” Catch it at 4:30 p.m. on Channel 5.


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