Neighbours Spoilers for the April 29, 2014 Episode

By April Lara | 4 years ago
Neighbours Spoilers for the April 29, 2014 Episode
View of Pin Oak Court in en:Vermont South, Victoria, en:Australia. Also known as the fictional en:Ramsay Street on the en:soap opera en:Neighbours November 8, 2009. Wikimedia Commons/Avicennasis

What’s going to happen at Erinsborough on the April 29, 2014 episode of “Neighbours?” If you want to find out, then read on, but consider yourself warned: Major “Neighbours” spoilers up ahead!

Toadie was impressed with Naomi after closing the deal with their Chilean client. They made such a good team that they decided to celebrate after the meeting. Everything went fine except the part wherein Naomi got reprimanded by her mother and accused her of seducing a married man once again. However, Naomi’s behaviour continued to be mysterious as she returns to work and takes a delivery of a mysterious painting. According to Digital Spy, it looks like Naomi is still hiding some secrets.

In other Ramsay Street news, Karl is worries that Zeke is keeping secrets from him and Susan. Accidentally, he stumbles on a letter that looks like a love letter and Karl immediately thought that the letter is for Vic and he must be Zeke’s boyfriend. He goes to Susan to help him encourage Zeke to open up, but it doesn’t work. Susan, frustrated about this issue tells Karl that he should let it go already. However, Zeke’s secretive behaviour, this leaves them not knowing what to do. What is Zeke really up to?

Paul now gets an idea on how to get rid of Brennan – what he plans to do is he’s going to buy the garage once the sale is up and by then, Brennan will be left with no job. This is very shocking for Brennan because he didn’t expect that Paul would go that far just to be rid of him.

This episode of “Neighbours” will air on April 29, 2014 at 4:30 p.m. on Channel 5. Don’t miss it because it’s going to be intriguing. Just the way “Neighbours” fans like it.

And that’s the “Neighbours” spoilers for the April 29, 2014 episode. What do you think of it? Share with us your thoughts through the comments section below! What do you think is Naomi hiding? Is she really up to something or is her mum only jumping to conclusions? As for Brennan, what is he going to do now? And will Zeke come out or is he hiding something else?

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