Neighbours Spoilers for the April 7, 2014 Episode

By April Lara | 4 years ago
Neighbours Spoilers for the April 7, 2014 Episode
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It has been such an interesting week for “Neighbours.” Now, what can you expect on the new episode that will air on April 7, 2014 at 4:30 pm on Channel 5? Read on for the “Neighbours” spoilers for the April 7, 2014 episode.

“Neighbours” Spoilers for the April 7, 2014 Episode:

Brennan is being pushed away again to leave Erinsborough by Paul because Paul blames him for Kate’s unhappiness. This leaves Kate feeling torn and since she needs to let out her feelings, she goes to Chris. Chris thinks that Kate is feeling that way because she felt lost when Brennan left her the first time. This suggestion challenges Kate and this will lead her to confide to Paul. Paul thinks that Kate wants to reconcile with Brennan and because of this, he told Kate not to do it.

Brennan is considering leaving Kate alone and he told Chris about this. However, Chris doesn’t want to get in the middle of things so he didn’t tell Brennan what to do. He knows that Brennan has to decide when it comes to this, even if he feels torn.

The good news is that Kate finally told Brennan her feelings. She let it all out and Brennan was very delighted to hear this. Kate suggested they try again and Brennan is more than happy to do so.

Meanwhile, Josh really thinks that Amber will break up with him because he can’t play anymore. However, Josh doesn’t know that Amber is distant not because of that but because of a secret that she must protect. Brad then told Josh to tell Amber what his feelings are but Josh doesn’t want to. So Brad decided to talk to Amber and this is the time when Amber will tell Brad the real reason why she’s distant. Brad goes to Terese and because of this, both of them finally decided to tell their children.

Imogen knows that something is up with her parents and she tried asking a couple of times but she never got a straight answer. She is also affected by Amber’s behaviour with her and with Josh. Callum and Bailey are also avoiding her. Finally, she caught up with Bailey and Callum and she demanded that they tell her what’s going on.

Will Bailey let the cat out of the bag now?

That’s the “Neighbours” Spoilers for the April 7, 2014 episode. To know more about what’s happening at Ramsay Street on “Neighbours,”  tune in here at Movie News Guide (MNG).


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