Neighbours Spoilers: Brennan and Kate, Georgia and Kyle, What’s Going to Happen to them Now?

By April Lara | 4 years ago
Neighbours Spoilers: Brennan and Kate, Georgia and Kyle, What’s Going to Happen to them Now?
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Previously on “Neighbours,” Brennan now learned Kate’s secret: she can’t bear any children and with this revelation, he finally figured out why he’s being pushed away by Kate.

He made an effort to talk to Kate but he caught her off-guard to be having that kind of conversation. Brennan insisted to talk about it but since Kate is rattled and is not ready for that kind of conversation, she challenges Brennan to look her in the eye and tell her that she would be happy with her even without kids. Now, it’s Brennan’s turn to be caught off guard and he hesitated and with this kind of response, Kate knows already what the answer is. She is convinced that even if Brennan sticks with her with the knowledge that they can’t have children, he might later on resent her for that. This left Kate very sad.

Kate’s devastated mood caused her to take it out on Rebecca while Brennan talks to Kyle, because he doesn’t want to give up on Kate and he still wants to share his life with her. When he is ready to talk to her again, Paul sends him packing.

Paul then shows Kate how much she means to him and this touched Rebecca. The question here is, will she finally be able to take Rebecca back after showing his vulnerable side? That’s what we’re dying to know!

Kyle gets a minor injury after trying to return to his job while Karl is planning to get Georgia and Kyle back together. The moment that they’re alone, Kyle opens up to Georgia but Georgia wasn’t ready for any of that which is why she leaves Kyle. She wants to think things through first and when she finally did, she goes back to Kyle and offered him an olive branch. This made Kyle very happy.

Will Georgia and Kyle give it another shot? What will happen now to Brennan and Kate? How about Paul and Rebecca?

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