Neighbours Spoilers for the June 11, 2014 Episode

By April Lara | 4 years ago
Neighbours Spoilers for the June 11, 2014 Episode

What’s going to happen at the most controversial neighborhood today, Erinsborough? Find out as you read “Neighbours” spoilers which will air on Wednesday, June 11, 2014, at 6:30 p.m. on Channel 5.

Next on “Neighbours,” Bailer invites Jayden and his friends over to the Turner house. Josie shows up who was sent by Callum. Things take a turn for the worse. Bailey attempts to talk to Josie regarding their relationship issues, but he keeps on getting thwarted by Jayden. Bailey gets is getting so frustrated with Josie. When he gets tipsy, he starts taking out his frustrations, and this results to a lot of shoving with Jayden. This disgusts Josie, so she leaves as well as Bailey’s guests.

Callum finds Bailey sleeping, and beside him is an empty cup of alcohol. He then realizes that Bailey is having drinking problems, and it’s getting more serious than ever. What will Callum do now? Is he going to ask for help or is he going to talk to Bailey? Surely, he won’t let Bailey’s life get ruined. With the things that are happening to Bailey’s life lately, he should be saved before things get worse.

Paul is getting upset because of the lack of progress with regards to Kate’s case, so he decided to ask Brennan for help. He tells him that they should team up to track down the person who killed Kate. However, Brennan doesn’t really trust Paul, and he finds it difficult to work with him. The good thing is that Paul is aware of this so he makes an effort to impress Brennan, which leads to Brennan finally agreeing on working with him. However, is this really a good deal? Can he really trust Paul?

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