Neighbours Spoilers: July 14, 2014 Episode

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Neighbours Spoilers: July 14, 2014 Episode

Want to know what’s up with the people of Erinsborough? We have some spoilers for you to indulge. Read on to learn more about the July 14, 2014 episode of “Neighbours.”

Ethan, Paige’s brother, comes in for a surprise visit. Instead of being happy about this, Paige is alarmed. She knows that there’s a not-so-good reason why her brother is here, and she is right. Ethan is interested to know more about Paige’s new family, and he’s going to find out that things are not going really well for his adopted sister. However, Paige will still let him stay for the night. However, to her horror, her brother starts flirting with Imogen, and Brad almost sees him. For sure, Brad will recognize him.

The turn of events annoys Paige, so she tells Ethan to stay away from Imogen. Then again, Ethan thinks that Imogen isn’t that bad and tells Paige that he’s actually more worried about her. He reminds her that she might lose it due to her emotions, and it might ruin the whole plan. However, Paige assures Ethan that that’s not going to happen, and she will not let her emotions get the best of her.

Georgia is still saddened due to the loss of Sheila’s heirloom ring, so she goes on a mission to look for it. Just when she’s about to give up, Naomi’s guilt gets the best of her, and the ring is found. This leaves Naomi no source of money to pay off Lee, but a solution comes to her right away by borrowing Paul’s car . . . secretly. She is going to let Lee steal that car, but she has grander plans than that. Naomi frames Lee up by taking his pictures as he takes the car, and she will show this to the police.

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