Neighbours Spoilers for the June 2, 2014 Episode

By April Lara | 4 years ago
Neighbours Spoilers for the June 2, 2014 Episode
View of Pin Oak Court in en:Vermont South, Victoria, en:Australia. Also known as the fictional en:Ramsay Street on the en:soap opera en:Neighbours November 8, 2009. Wikimedia Commons/Avicennasis

What’s going to happen at Ramsay Street? “Neighbours” fans, watch out because we have major spoilers for you. Read on for the “Neighbours” spoilers for the June 2, 2014 episode, but consider yourself warned!

According to Digital Spy, Bailey is aware that a fight is brewing between him and Jayden, so he tells Josh about this. Josh advises him to make things better now and not let things get out of hand as early as now, so while Bailey is helping Lou with the ginger beer, he gets an idea and offered a beer to Jayden.  And it worked and Bailey is saved, so saved that he even got invited to Jayden’s house party. Can we say nice move Bailey?

At the party, Bailey got so drunk.  Uh-oh. What’s going to happen to him?

In other “Neighbours” news, Imogen is very disappointed because she learned that her dad will hire a private investigator but is not going to tell Terese about this. Her father asks if she can keep this secret but Imogen, not really up for it, told her father that she has to think things through before he makes a decision. Imogen goes to Brad and Brad agrees to keep the secret but told her that if Terese asks him directly, he is not going to lie to her.

Meanwhile, Matt finally gets Lauren to go on a lunch date, which is the first step to organize their vow renewal. While Susan is determined to make everything perfect for the couple and she volunteers to find some inspiring stuff to get Matt started on writing vows for himself and for Lauren as well.

What do you think is going to happen when Terese asks Brad directly and how will she react when she finds out that Imogen and her father kept that from her? What’s going to happen to Bailey? And aren’t you excited about Lauren and Matt’s renewal of vows?

That’s the “Neighbours” spoilers for the June 2, 2014 episode. For the latest news, spoilers and recaps about “Neighbours” and other TV shows as well as entertainment news, make sure that you catch it here on Movie News Guide (MNG).

Photo source: Wikimedia Commons/Avicennasis

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