Neighbours Spoilers for the May 1, 2014 Episode

By April Lara | 4 years ago
Neighbours Spoilers for the May 1, 2014 Episode
View of Pin Oak Court in en:Vermont South, Victoria, en:Australia. Also known as the fictional en:Ramsay Street on the en:soap opera en:Neighbours November 8, 2009. Wikimedia Commons/Avicennasis

What’s happening at Erinsborough on May 1, 2014? Someone leaves, someone got a new job and someone might be ill. Read on to find out all about it in MNG’s “Neighbours” spoilers for the May 1, 2014 episode.

According to Digital Spy, Brennan is determined to use Danni as bait to catch Stephen Montague. However, Danni is so scared of this idea. She seeks advice from Sonya and she tells her that she should not put herself in danger. Sonya convinces her to go to Matt. And because of this, Matt confronts Brennan. He told Brennan that he shouldn’t interfere with police investigation as this is considered to be a criminal offense. However, Brennan is really determined to push through with his plan, and there’s no stopping him. He continues to pressure Danni to let her be the bait.

Sonya tells Brennan that Danni has left the state. Oh no, what’s going to happen to Brennan’s plan now? Is Danni really gone or are they just saying this to save her from danger?

Terese finds the remote in the fridge and this made her suspect that Doug is getting a bit foggy, considering his old age. Lou then passes a job order to Doug. However, Doug can’t remember it anymore. But, he doesn’t admit it, which leads to him making an expensive mistake. Josh mentions the mistake and Doug manages to blame Lou for the mix-up, to cover up his forgetfulness. Hmmm… something smells fishy here. It looks there’s something’s wrong with Doug. What could it be?

In other “Neighbours” news, Lou goes to Lauren informing her that she would like to cut back on his shifts at Harold’s. Lauren let him but she knows she needs someone to replace Lou. The first person that comes to mind is Lisa. She contacts Lisa who accepts the job. Lauren tells Lou about his replacement but was surprised that Lauren is still keeping in touch with Lisa. Lou feels like Lauren is making such a huge mistake.

And that’s MNG’s “Neighbours” spoilers for the May 1, 2014 episode. That’s what you should expect in the long-running Aussie soap opera which airs weekdays at 4:30 p.m. on Channel 5. Don’t miss it!

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