Neighbours Spoilers for the May 2, 2014 Episode

By April Lara | 4 years ago
Neighbours Spoilers for the May 2, 2014 Episode
View of Pin Oak Court in en:Vermont South, Victoria, en:Australia. Also known as the fictional en:Ramsay Street on the en:soap opera en:Neighbours November 8, 2009. Wikimedia Commons/Avicennasis

The latest episode of “Neighbours” will air on May 2, 2014 at 5:30 pm on Channel 5. What can you expect in it? Read on to find out all about it in MNG’s “Neighbours” spoilers for the May 2, 2014 episode.

Previously, in “Neighbours” on the May 1, 2014 episode, we saw Doug looking all confused and he even made an expensive mistake. Doug was able to get through the whole ordeal but Josh feels worried about Doug because he’s acting more confused than ever. Thinking of the best way, Josh tells this to Brad but Brad didn’t mind it all too much.

Meanwhile, Doug is troubled when he learns that a sand order was delivered to the wrong place and they have to fix this before anyone notices. He asks Josh to keep this a secret between them but Josh got even more worried for his grandfather. Is Doug sick? What could be his problem? Will Josh tell?

Due to Terese’s insistence, Brad doesn’t tell his parents yet about the baby that he and Lauren had. However, he was surprised to learn that Lauren invited Lisa to come work for Harold’s but not only that, she also invited Lisa to live in the Turner house. Brad can’t fathom why she keeps on pushing connections with a stranger. However, Lauren doesn’t want to hear any of it.

Karl plans an Easter egg hunt to cheer up Ramsay Street while Bailey is determined to make it a special occasion for Josie as he tries to sneak a pair of earrings into the eggs that he got for her. However, this will make Josie feel uncomfortable thinking that the pair of earrings is already too much and Bailey should stop trying too hard to please her.

Terese got Brennan into dinner at the Willis house. Josh posts a funny picture of Imogen online and this gave Brennan an idea – he can still use Danni as bait. Hmmmm… what is Brennan’s plan? It looks like he’s not going to leave this and he’s going to keep on pushing until he captures Stephen Montague.

And that’s MNG’s “Neighbours” spoilers for the May 2, 2014 episode. What do you think of it? Share with us your thoughts through the comments section below. We would love to hear it! For the latest news about “Neighbours,” make sure that you are tuned in here at Movie News Guide (MNG).


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